MOTIVATION Herbal PreRolls


Herbal cigarettes for energy and motivation

Experience our four ENERGY BLENDS as a hand-crafted PreRoll Sampler Pack of organic herbs! Individually hand-rolled in unbleached Hemp paper with black tip high flow filter.

See which blends you can utilize to increase concentration and revitalize your energy.

AWAKE supports states of alertness.
SUN revitalizes your energy. 
FOCUS elevates your mental clarity. 
REVIVE your body and mind.

~ 5 PreRolls {1 Per Blend}
~ Individually Hand-rolled in unbleached Hemp paper
~ No THC or Nicotine

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Limited Edition Motivation Herbal Cigarettes

Herbal cigarettes for energy are PreRolls of all our smokable loose-leaf herbal blends. Offered on a limited time bases. Our intention is for plants to connect with people in all the different forms possible. Our Herbal PreRoll Sampler Packs are for you to experience the intelligence of our Motivation Blends in smoke format. We highly recommend to enjoy the full spectrum of our Motivation Blends in loose leaf format so you can sip, smoke, vape and smoke.

Effects of Herbal Cigarettes for Energy

When you ingest a plant, you benefit from that plants intelligence. How you ingest the plant dictates what part of your body the plant intelligence is targeting. A tea directs it self to your digestion. A bath to your circulatory system. A vape or smoke to your head cavity, lungs, bloodstream and nervous system.

PreRolls Vs Rolling Your Own Smokable Herbs

Personally I prefer to roll my own herbs for two reasons:

  • Controlling the dosage
  • Putting my intentions into the plants

One size does not fit all and PreRolls create a dosage amount that might be more or less than what you might need. Only you will now that dosage amount. Also, only you will know if you are smoking these herbs for medicinal, spiritual or habitual reasons. Choose wisely.

History of Herbal Cigarettes for Energy

Since the beginning of fire, humans have harvested leaves, buds and flower petals and rolled them together. Lighted one end and inhaled on the other.  Either medicinally, spiritually or habitually, our DNA memories recall communing with plants by ingesting them thru smoke as well as vapor and water. The use of smoking herbal blends has been documented in Ayurveda (dhumpan) as well as in Meso-American rituals.


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