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A calming blend with full body notes of coco & hemp. 18% CBD 0.3% THC

Anger and tension takes a toll on your body and clarity. Come to mental and physical PEACE with a hemp fortified herbal blend that is meant to deescalate increasing tension. Relief is in reach with this artisan blend of therapeutic herbs containing medicinal benefits of full-spectrum Hemp and Cocoa.

10G | Est. 320mg CBD | 12 Teas | 1 Bath | 48 Vape | 24 PreRolls
28G | Est. 1300mg CBD | 48 Teas | 4 Baths | 192 Vape | 96 PreRolls
30ML | Est. 300mg CBD | 30 Full Droppers

Eucalyptol, Linalool, Limonene, Pinene, Myrcene, Ocimene, Terpineol, Carvacrol, Thymol, Beta-Bisabolene, Buddlindeterpen, Sesquiterpenes


2 reviews for PEACE HEMP CBD Blend

  1. Jess S

    Yay, thats the type of compliment we love to receive! Love that you’re loving it

  2. Brandon knowles

    I really love this blend it hasn’t got an after taste like some of the other brands can safely say never going to mix cigarette with my weed again

  3. tannturner

    This blend is very good. I find it very relaxing and a sense of calm. I was stressed out prior to receiving this order and this helped with making me feel a lot better. I am interested in trying The Deep Hemp blend as well on my next order. Thank you Thea T.

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Our Inspiration

PEACE is one of our three full-spectrum Hemp blends crafted to provide a deliberate and perceivable shift in state. This blend has a wonderful quality of swiftly deescalating tension that may be present. Nothing positive can manifest from a negative state of mind, use PEACE to align with your best self.

This blend is comprised of hand-picked, fair trade, wild crafted and USDA certified organic herbs. The intent and processing of this medicinal herbal blend is to support the health and well being of each customer.

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