BOTANICAL Sacred Smoke Kit


Sacred Smoke Kit is all about your intentions.

Using  sacred smoke is a powerful tool. All our intentions while smoking are not only implanted into our bodies vibration but also into the vibration of the universe. You are what you think.

Our BOTANICAL SMOKE Kit comes with Rolling papers, an Herbal Spliff Roller and your choice of our Herbal Blends, recommended to pair with your favorite Cannabis strain or tobacco so you can smoke with intentions.


  • ~ Herbal Spliff Roller ~
    ~ Rolling Papers ~
    ~ Your Choice of Herbal Blend | 24 PreRolls | 1/2 Tsp/PreRoll ~


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Our Inspiration

History of Smoke

Sacred smoke is as old as fire. You are “communing” with the plant by burning it. Your body is experiencing the chemical reaction of plant oils interacting with your body when you consume it.

Majority of indigenous cultures perceived the act of Smoking as a way to travel from this 3rd dimension to the spirit dimension. As smoke diffuses into the atmosphere, it goes into the spirit realm for the spirits to listen to.

Smoking during full moons, new moons and eclipses amplify your intentions.

Do Sacred Smoke Intentions Work?

Your reality is based on your thoughts. By mixing our intentional herbal blends with your Cannabis or Tobacco, you will experience a more intentional experience of the  properties of the plants. Each of our blends are crafted to compliment Cannabis. Allowing the cannabis connoisseur to specifically select a desired state of mind.

Sacred smoke blends that we love to align our intentions to are:

RELAX stressed-out tension in your body

CALM your over-worked mind {nervous system}

PEACE and calming the mind blend

SLEEP helps you achieve restorative, healing rest

FOCUS encourages concentration and mental clarity

AWAKE supports states of alertness & high energy

SUN gives you a good dose of Vitamin C to shine bright

REVIVE promotes an energy of  energy

MASC. self-care to balance masc. energies

FEMME self-care to balance femme energies