All 12 Herbal REFILLS

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All 12 Refills are for the hardcore lovers of everything herbal. Each REFILL of Dropping Seeds herbal blends can accommodate your tea, bath, vape and smoke rituals alone or even better with friends.

$40 SAVINGS ideal for our international customers to cover international shipping because the world needs herbal blends.

Each REFILL contain about 4 times the herbs of a TIN & each one provides:
~ 64-128 Herbal Rolls / Vapes / Smudges
~ 16-32 Therapeutic Teas or
~ 4 Restorative Bath

Recommended Usage
  • Sipping as a Therapeutic Tea
  • Taking a restorative Face, Foot or Body Bath
  • Dry Herb Vaporize
  • Smoke in a Ceremonial Pipe or Herbal Roll
  • No hazardous chemicals or pharmaceutical additives.
  • All of our ingredients are USDA Organic as well as Kosher or Wildcrafted when possible.
  • *This blend is not for use by pregnant or lactating women.
  • If you have a medical condition or on any medication, please consult with your doctor by providing them the list of ingredients (especially the latin name in italic)
  • Intended for recreational use by responsible individuals.
  • Empower yourself by doing your own personal research.