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More to Medicinal Plants than Cannabis?

POC Herbalist foraging for herbs

The Dropping Seeds mission is to make a case for ancient healing that came thousands of years before modern medicine.

The Dropping Seeds mission is to push the benefits of medicinal and sacred plants over pharmaceuticals, making a case for ancient healing that came thousands of years before modern medicine. Essentially, they seek to return the knowledge of the plant kingdom back into our cells and psyche, to expand the practice of healing in a way that’s gentler, more natural to our bodies. It makes sense. With more people demanding more wholesome products in our food — often reflected in the transparent use of only a few ingredients — it’s only a matter of time before the same movement happens for medicine.

If you dig around, you can see this shift in self-healing is starting to happen. People are looking for wellness alternatives: tinctures, medicinal teas, elixirs, herbal ointments, and aromatherapy. Fortunately, Dropping Seeds can help people build that bridge to the sometimes overwhelming plant world. Because, when they do, they’ll discover empowering tools that expand beyond the boundaries of cannabis.

How Medicinal Plants started?

Not surprisingly, the idea for the company came to Johanna in a plant ceremony. According to her husband, SirRoan, “this isn’t the first time this has happened for Johanna, things always come through.” A few years ago, while in a deep, mind-expanding ayahuasca ceremony, she was downloaded the Dropping Seeds mission. Not only that, but the logo design, the names of the blends, the branding elements, and colors too! It came through so powerfully and so clear, it set her on a new purpose. So, she convinced SirRoan to join her, leaving a full-time design career to focus on plants. A few months later, Dropping Seeds was born.

“The Earth wants you to enjoy it. It enjoys you.”

I hope you enjoy Johanna & SirRoan’s story! These blends are designed to bring you closer to the earth – and to yourself – through medicinal reawakening. Below, you can find a description of all the herbal blends they’ve handcrafted and designed to help shift your state into a space that is more healing. You can smoke them, make teas, even bathe in them. In the future, they plan to work with more cocktail specialists, chefs, and recipe developers to customize menus and drinks towards healing. There is so much you can do with plants. I highly recommend you begin exploring these yourself. They also make great gifts for loved ones or co-workers for the holidays!

12 DROPPING SEEDS BLENDS: To Sip, Soak, Vape or Smoke

**sourced with a priority on fair trade, kosher, wildcrafted, USDA Certified Organic Farms

CALM – When overwhelmed, CALM your nerves with an herbal blend meant to ease anxiety without the side effects of prescription sedatives.

FOCUS – elevates your mental clarity and concentration. When there is so much to do and you don’t know where to begin. FOCUS herbal smokable tea counters ADHD symptoms without harmful side effects or addiction.

MOON – crafted to support states of inward reflection. Synchronize your use of this blend with New and Full moons and observe the clarity in downloads you may have.

SUN – crafted to let your inner SUN shine! Unleash your revitalized, extroverted-self. Radiate self confidence. Choose SUN as your desired state and enjoy!

AWAKE – crafted self-confidence of alertness and high energy. Give yourself a potent WAKE-UP call without the “coffee crash”.

SLEEP – crafted to gently support states of deep rest. SLEEP is intended as a non-addictive alternative to pharmaceutical sleep aids.

SYNC – supports a state of empathy and lucidity. Increase the synchronicities in your life by enhancing your psychic awareness.

CENTER – supports energizing states of mindfulness and heart rejuvenation. Intentionally engage balance and self-control to get you through difficult days.

HIS – crafted to support states of healthy, passionate, sexual expression.

HERS – supports states of enhanced libido and conscious sensual expression. Its base is Kava Kava, a 3000 yr old ceremonial tea from the Pacific Islanders. Known to have stress release and relaxing effects allowing you to find the space for self-love as well as pleasurable expression to the one you love.

QUIT – carefully crafted to gently eliminate nicotine withdrawal with no addictive side effects. Quit enhances mood, concentration, counters nicotine withdrawal and relieves respiratory strain.

RELAX – crafted to support states of deep relaxation. Sometimes your mind has shut down from a hectic day but your physical body still needs a “slow me down”. RELAX helps resolve restlessness as well as muscular and nerve pain.

Thanks for watching and supporting the artisans on food. curated.! Happy Sipping, Soaking, Vaping & Smoking!

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