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Listen to the Signs, 2021 Spring Update

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If there is one thing 2020 has taught me, is to listen to the signs.

2021 still feels like 2020 has not ended. In surfing all the changes, the recent PACT act that just passed in Congress will directly affect our product offering. Postal services have agreed to stop shipping any vape or tobacco products. Even though all our products are multi use and we don’t sell any products with Tobacco,  we will stop offering the following products:



Smoking with Intention

Our intention has always been to bring plants to people. In this journey, we can not deny that plants have been used by our ancestors in a multitude of ways from tea, to baths to smoke and most recently, thanks to technology, vaporized. 

But when plants get packaged into any of the above techniques of teabags, vape liquids, prerolls, the consumer is disconnected from the plant. 

I personally did not want to offer a Preroll product because it meant the herbal blend would only be used to smoke and miss out on using the blend as a tea, bath or even vape. I also did and don’t want to be a “cigarette company.”

Now, all the messages are clear and pointing at only offering our Loose Leaf Blends since all postal services will cease to deliver tobacco or vaping products.

Everything Happens for a Reason

We hope you can understand our stand on plant medicine as well as our decision to stop offering tobacco or vape products. The recent PACT act only reinforces to us, and hopefully to you, that the aim of DroppingSeeds is to create a relationship between your vibration and the plant. 

And no matter how you choose to create that vibration, be it SIP, SOAK, VAPE, or SMOKE, that our blends can serve you on your journey during such transitional times in human kinds history.

As An Alternative …

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