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How to batch your Herbal Lemonade

Find what’s good for you and do it in bulk.

One of our favorite application of working with herbal medicines is preparing irrestably delicious lime iced tea. The side effect of having your medicine this way is that you can expect it to go quickly. For this reason we suggest batching it in gallons if you are going to share. You can also rest assured that the herbs that are supporting you are ready when you need them. We will share a simple recipe for effective and delicious medicinal herbal lime-aid that you can use with for any of our blends.

Step 1: You’ll need a 28G TIN of your desired blend. In this tutorial we are using

Dropping Seeds SUN herbal blend
• Brown sugar syrup (3/4 cups organic brown sugar, 3/4 cups water) •
• 3-4 limes •
• an electric kettle •
• a handheld citrus press •
muslin bag
• knife •
• funnel •
• cutting board •
• a sealable gallon jug. •

Step 2: Add the full contents of your 28G herbal blend to the Muslin bag. Pull the draw strings and tie them closed beneath the drawstring channel.

Step 3: Add the muslin bag to the electric kettle filled with at least one liter of water.

Step 4: Set the temperature to 180º F and steep for half an hour and press the muslin bag with a spoon periodically for best results.

Step 5: Half each lime.

Step 6: Press each half lime, faced down, then rotate the pressed lime sideways and press it again.

Step 7: Add lime juice to the gallon jug.

Step 8: Making the brown sugar syrup, combine 3/4 cups of organic brown sugar and water to a sauce pan and bring it to a boil, stirring until the sugar is totally dissolved.

Step 9: Remove the sauce pan from the heat and the amber colored syrup to cool for at least 5 minutes.

Step 10: Add the brown sugar syrup to the gallon pitcher.

Step 11: After a half hour has passed, combine the tea. It should be a rich color. Given the muslin bag a good press before transferring is recomended.

Step 12: Fill the remainder of the jug with cool water.

Step 13: Seal and shake the jug well.

Step 16: Celebrate by serving yourself the first cup and set the rest to chill.

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