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How do I Get Some Sleep?

SLEEP! “Who got time to sleep? I’ll sleep when I die!“ Our culture is obsessed with productivity therefore sleep is put last on the priority list. But the truth is, the lack of quality sleep can have a negative impact on your energy, emotional balance, and health.¹

Today we are so deep in the “rat race” that when we do stop and say, OK Lets get some rest … we can’t.  SLEEP was definitely inspired by my NYC hustle hard family. They all mentioned how they were tired in the day but could not sleep at night. So we blended herbs known to calm the nerves (lavender) and relax the muscles (hops). And so far, all the feedback with this blend is all zzzzzzzzzz’s!

Need more help? Here is a great article on food that helps you sleep which includes a nice cup of tea > read more.

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