Herbal Smoking Blends FAQ

Are DroppingSeeds Herbal Blends synthetic cannabis like the brands K2 or Spice?
NO DroppingSeeds Herbal Blends are not synthetic cannabis. We have no association to the K2 or Spice brands and do not believe in using synthetic anything.

Are there any additional ingredients or chemicals in DroppingSeeds Herbal Blends?
DroppingSeeds uses NO additional chemicals or synthetic additives. All the ingredients are pure USDA Certified Organically grown and picked from the Earth.

Can you smoke Herbal Blends?
YES you can smoke the herbal blends by rolling them (a grinder is recommended), use a pipe, or better yet, vaporize them so you don’t get the harmful affects of smoke in you lungs.

Are Herbal Blends safe to smoke or vape?
Any type of smoke WILL cause harm to your lungs. No matter if it is from a camp fire, car exhaust or smokable product. Even though vaping can eliminate the smoke, your lungs are still being exposed to heat. Our mission is for people to work with plants. How to work with plants is a personal choice that most of us don’t realize we already do when smoking a commercial cigarette, having a cup of commercial tea or coffee, taking an herbal bath or vaping. We only recommend smoking or vaping if you already have a ritual of smoking, wish to stop smoking commercial cigarettes and/or are weaning yourself off of smoking.

Do Herbal Blends show up in drug test?
NO, the compounds in the herbs in our blends (excluding the Hemp blends) are not tested for. THC and Cannabinoids are looked for in drug test and our Hemp blends contain less than 0.3% THC. We can not predict how much consumption you would need to partake to remain below the specific 50 ng/mL THC testing threshold. Read more here.

Do I have to smoke to get the full effect?
NO, we only recommend smoking if you already have a ritual of smoking. An excellent alternative is vaporizing as well as a tea and soaking in a bath.

Is this legal?
YES, all the herbs we use in our blends are legal in all 50 states. Damiana is the only herb that is illegal in Louisiana. PEACE, DEEP & REVIVE is Hemp Formulated with less than 0.3% THC which is federally legal but each state has its own laws regulating hemp. Please check your local state government laws, especially if you live in Idaho, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana and Texas.

Will the blends affect my prescription or medication? 
As with any existing condition, we suggest you speak to your physician first.

What have other customers experienced?  You can view testimonials here.

Are these the same Dropping Seeds products that are on Amazon, Ebay, Fancy and Aha Life? 
YES we sell on Amazon, Ebay, Fancy and Aha Life but each site has their own policies therefore our packaging and product descriptions vary according to their policy.