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Mugwort ~ Artemisia vulgaris 🌿

Smoking Mugwort Herbal Blend

Grows almost everywhere around the world & in the Northeast USA, particularly along waste places through out our cities and along all the roadways. Many don’t believe this is an accident. Mugwort protects the #traveler, so she hugs our road ways, watching out for us. Second, Mugwort brings the gift of Dreaming bringing us into Continue reading

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Calendula, also know as Marigold has had a long relationship with many religions around the world. Romans and Greeks wore crowns made from the flowers as well as the early Catholic. This sacred flower in India is used to decorate the statues of Hindu deities. And Aztecs and Mayans used the flowers in their ancient Continue reading

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Ooooo Damiana! Your reputation is euphoric! The native people of Mexico have used you as an aphrodisiac since ancient times. ¹ Ceremonies upon ceremonies, Damiana leaves were burnt to arouse sexual desire and help lovers perform much better. It could be because of it being an excellent nervous system tonic, which tones and relaxes tense Continue reading