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Effects of Nettles

Smoke Nettles Herbal Smoke blends

#Nettle magic is the magic of Mothering. With her bounty of nutrition, she offers us the building blocks we need to be healthy, strong individuals. Nettle in your life reminds you to take the time to nourish yourself at the most basic levels. In Kawaiisu tribal practice as in Celtic lore, nettle serves as a Continue reading

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Gotu kola

Smoking Gotu Kola

Also called tiger’s herb because injured tigers often rub against it to heal their wounds. #GotuKola features in both Chinese and Indian myths and folklore. The Tai Chi Chuan master Li Ching-Yun purportedly lived to an advanced age of over 200 years old, due in part to his use of Gotu kola and other Chinese Continue reading