Why should you SIP, SMOKE, and SOAK?

Why should you SIP, SMOKE and SOAK? Herbalism is a traditional medicinal or folk medicine practice based on the use of plants and plant extracts. In 2001, researchers identified 122 compounds used in mainstream medicine which were derived from “ethnomedical” plant sources; 80% of these compounds were used in the same or related manner as the traditional ethnomedical use.¹

Tea is literally medicine in a cup. When you’re sick, holding a steaming cup of fragrant tea is the most soothing of all medicines available. Thx to Emperor Shen Nung, who ruled over China 5000 years ago when his men were boiling water one day, leaves from a nearby bush fell into the water – and just like that, the first cup of tea had been brewed.²

Even though smoking has a bad rep thanks to commercial cigarettes, fumigation (dhupa) and fire offerings (homa) are prescribed in the Ayurveda for medical purposes and have been practiced for at least 3,000 years while smoking, dhumrapana (literally “drinking smoke”), has been practiced for at least 2,000 years.³

So if you can drink it and smoke it, why not soak in it? Steam opens the pores of the body and the herbal blend is quickly absorbed properly into the body. Herbal steam bath is based on the Thai and ayurvedic traditional medicine and it is used for physical health and for relaxing the mind.

So  go ahead and get into that herbal steam bath with a delicious cup of tea and smooth smoke, enjoy!

Using Safflower

It is amazing to me as a designer and lover of color how a plants color correlates with its medicinal benefits. Safflower is a perfect example. Its vibrant red color directly effects, you bet ya, your blood!

In traditional Chinese medicine, safflower is considered pungent and warm, and is associated with the Heart and Liver meridians. Its functions are to invigorate the blood and release stagnation, to promote circulation, and to promote menstruation.¹

So when manifesting the MOON blend, safflower was an obvious for its menstruation properties but also when we created AWAKE we saw how majority of people who feel sluggish is because their blood is circulating too slowly.

How can I Focus?

“I’m FOCUS MAN, tell Stout to holler at me man”

But are we really? From one distraction to another interruption to multi texting and mental gridlock, focusing seems to be getting harder and harder.

For me as a wife, mother of a toddler and running 3 businesses, creating the FOCUS blend was on top of my to do list. This blend has been widely successful thanks to each ingredient but specifically California Poppy. Its used as treatment of behavioral disorders such as ADD & ADHD.¹

So next time your brain is all over the place, take a breather and make a pot of FOCUS tea, and holler at me man!

Seshat: Egyptian Cannabis goddess?

in Egyptian mythology, Seshat was the Ancient Egyptian goddess of wisdom, knowledge, and writing. In art, she was depicted as a woman with a seven-pointed emblem above her head.¹

It is unclear what this emblem represents but to many, the Seshat carving is sporting what looks like a 5-point cannabis sun leaf; Northern Lights.²

In ancient Egypt, Cannabis was known as medicine and the fertile delta would have supported local cultivation. Today, Seshat is reminding us of the importance of Cannabis as food, fiber, fuel, medicine and inspiration so have that cup of tea or toke and thank the gods for this plant.

Mugwort ~ Artemisia vulgaris 🌿

Smoking Mugwort Herbal Blend

Grows almost everywhere around the world & in the Northeast USA, particularly along waste places through out our cities and along all the roadways. Many don’t believe this is an accident. Mugwort protects the #traveler, so she hugs our road ways, watching out for us. Second, Mugwort brings the gift of Dreaming bringing us into the Spirit Realm, But also bring us back into the Physical. So if your “spacey”, it will “ground” you. And if your in need of inspiration, it will help you take flight. Clinical studies shows Mugwort affects the #pinealgland where #inspiration comes from.

How do I Get Some Sleep?

SLEEP! “Who got time to sleep? I’ll sleep when I die!“ Our culture is obsessed with productivity therefore sleep is put last on the priority list. But the truth is, the lack of quality sleep can have a negative impact on your energy, emotional balance, and health.¹

Today we are so deep in the “rat race” that when we do stop and say, OK Lets get some rest … we can’t.  SLEEP was definitely inspired by my NYC hustle hard family. They all mentioned how they were tired in the day but could not sleep at night. So we blended herbs known to calm the nerves (lavender) and relax the muscles (hops). And so far, all the feedback with this blend is all zzzzzzzzzz’s!

Need more help? Here is a great article on food that helps you sleep which includes a nice cup of tea > read more.

Tea and Storytelling

A cup of tea and storytelling come hand in hand. In 1684 a Dutchman Engelbert Kaempfer commissioned artists to paint local animals, people or scenes from daily life in Persia:
“Two storytellers. A man sits cross-legged, holding a small cup in one hand while the other gently clasps his sword, resting upon his legs. A daggar is tucked into the sash tied around his waist. The man gazes directly towards the covered lady sitting opposite. The woman’s eyes are visible, while the rest of her face, hair, and body remain covered underneath layers of robes. Her one visible hand is painted, while the other gestures towards her mouth (covered under a robe).” ¹


Calendula, also know as Marigold has had a long relationship with many religions around the world. Romans and Greeks wore crowns made from the flowers as well as the early Catholic. This sacred flower in India is used to decorate the statues of Hindu deities. And Aztecs and Mayans used the flowers in their ancient ceremonies to his day still used on home altars on the Day of the Dead in Mexico and Central America.¹Calendula contains so many effective compounds that create a long list of healing properties. It not only provides a continuous supply of flowers in the garden it is also ideal for cooking and in medicine. Because of it being a symbol of joy and happiness in every garden, it was a perfect addition to our SUN blend.


Sweet Chamomile

Smoking Chamomile

When me, my husband and 1 yr old son went to  Peru to study plants, Chamomile really spoke to us. Not only did it re-stabilize us with the altitude of the Sacred Valley, it also was our “little helper” in keeping our digestion “moving along” while my husband and I went thru a deep process called Dieta.

Our amazing host, Alonso Del Rio introduced us to all the plants of his land. The experience to be able to choose a plant, ask its permission to be used, pick it and commune with it really bought to light the intelligence that the plant kingdom has.

The #Egyptians dedicated #chamomile to their #sun gods. It was associated with the god Ra for its healing powers. When the body of King Ramesses II was displayed in Paris, findings show the body and abdominal cavity of the king had been anointed with chamomile oil.
The #Romans also dedicated chamomile to their gods.

Chamomile was also used by India’s ancient #Ayurvedic physicians. It was taken to the #Americas by the Pilgrim giving it the label of herb ‘alles zutraut’, meaning ‘capable of anything.’

Chamomile was and still is an all over mood brightener. Just like its visual composition that mimics the sun, it is pretty much the base of the herbal blend SUN.

Thank God for Lavender

The use of lavender goes back 2,500 years to the Egyptians, Phoenicians and the people of Arabia. They used lavender as a perfume and for mummification. In ancient Greece, lavender was used as a cure for everything from insomnia and aching backs to insanity.For the Romans, lavender cost 100 denarii per pound — equivalent to a full month’s wage for a farm laborer. It was used to scent the water in Roman baths and added dried lavender to their smoking mixtures.¹It is soooo hard for us NOT to add lavender to EVERY blend! From the scent to the color and shape, its one of our favorite herbs to commune with. That is why CALM blend is such a favorite and SLEEP does its job!We also noticed that for individuals that have migraine headaches, using CALM for a hot steamy bath or with a vape or pipe helps reduce the tension since the sinus and head cavity is inhaling the fume from the bath/vape/smoke that carries the benefits of the herbal blend.


Catnip, Not Just for Cats

If you love your cat, you will love Catnip. Consider it a cypher between you and your furry buddy.The French call catnip “herbe aux chats” and often made a tea from catnip prior to the arrival of Chinese teas. Drinking or smoking Catnip’s is considered by both animals and humans a rolling around, blissful experience. It influences your mood in a more relaxant than stimulant manor. ¹So go ahead, boooooond with your kitty.



Ooooo Damiana! Your reputation is euphoric! The native people of Mexico have used you as an aphrodisiac since ancient times. ¹Ceremonies upon ceremonies, Damiana leaves were burnt to arouse sexual desire and help lovers perform much better. It could be because of it being an excellent nervous system tonic, which tones and relaxes tense nerves.²Damiana fit perfectly with our intentions with CALM herbal blend. Its truly our nerves that keep us anxious so having a cup of tea, steam bath or toke is ideal to achieving calm.


Que Viva Ginkgo Biloba

Gingko is admired for its beauty and its longevity. And believe it or not, its a living fossil that has been on this planet for more than 200 million years.

No only is Gingko all in its own lane consisting of just one species, it also is the only tree to survive Hiroshima.¹
When creating the blend for FOCUS, one of my personal favorites, we instantly knew we wanted to use Gingko since it is so well known to increases circulation to the brain improving concentration and lowering memory deficits.²


But we never knew we would be consuming the “intelligence” of a 200 yr old species, something I recommend experiencing in a smoke, tea or bath!

The Thin Line Between “Drug” & “Medicine”

Its such a thin line between the idea of “drug” & “medicine.” With the images of drug dealers being glorified and shamans romanticized, true healing plants have fallen thru the cracks into the hands of big pharma.

How can any plant be called illegal? Or how can any plant be owned and profited off of? Who is to say a Yale PHP degree is more valid then generations of amazonian curanderos?

Our intent with DROPPING SEEDS is to bring back the knowledge within. To commune with 100% organic herbal blends to find balance for the ever increasing stimuli of modern life and heal.

Passion Flower

Even though its call Passion flower, its main energy is to bring calm and peace.

First discovered in Peru in the 17th century and named for its resemblance to the crucifixion of Christ. The Peruvians used the flower as a sedative. Once it spread to Europe, it was used to treat restlessness and agitation, along with other ailments like indigestion and seizures.

Scientists believe passionflower works by increasing levels of a chemical called gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. GABA lowers the activity of some brain cells, making you feel more relaxed.

When we were inspired to make a SLEEP blend, Passion flower spoke to us for its  nerve calming abilities that encourages a lovely nights sleeeeep so sweet dreams!

Effects of Nettles

Smoke Nettles Herbal Smoke blends

#Nettle magic is the magic of Mothering. With her bounty of nutrition, she offers us the building blocks we need to be healthy, strong individuals. Nettle in your life reminds you to take the time to nourish yourself at the most basic levels. In Kawaiisu tribal practice as in Celtic lore, nettle serves as a threshold guardian. Nettle fibers have been found in burial cloths from the Bronze age, also closely linking this plant with the threshold between life and death, and giving credence to the various folklore bits that describe Nettle as growing from or near the #dead.

Smoke the Herb

Our ancestral romance with inhaling plant fumes started 7,000 years ago. Very likely the first plant to be burned and inhaled can be tracked back to humans inadvertently inhaling fumes off of burning vegetation. Imagine a small bush burning during a campfire … Imagine a strong wind bring the fumes your way… Imagine that you’ve never casually smoked a cigarette or cannabis before … And the burning plant you’ve smelled is filling you up with sensations and moods in the unique way that plants do.

Indigenous healers on every continent used fire and burning specific plants to purify themselves, the ones they treated, and sometimes whole societies. Natives of the Americas say that smoke connects to the air and therefore with “Great Spirit”. Great Spirit is comparable to Brahma in Hinduism as the entity that contains all entities. The act of smoking is still used by traditional Indigenous healers today in rituals to connect breath to Great spirit.

In Western history, just recently, some centuries-old pipes found in the garden of William Shakespeare still contain traces of cannabis, according to South African scientists who examined the relics with forensic technology. Makes you do a double take when thinking about his work…

Although smoking a plant is the least efficient method of consuming most plants for their healing properties, it is often the most rapid method of experiencing the sensation of the plant. With all this in mind, each of our blends are crafted with sensitivity for creating a balanced state of mind if you inhale, ingest or absorb the plants properties through the skin. When smoking Dropping Seeds blends with tobacco or medicinal cannabis you may feel that the cannabis and or tobacco heightens the characteristics of the herb in the blend. Have fun exploring and note that we only encourage vaporizing and smoking for those who prefer to smoke responsibly.

Gotu kola

Smoking Gotu Kola

Also called tiger’s herb because injured tigers often rub against it to heal their wounds. #GotuKola features in both Chinese and Indian myths and folklore. The Tai Chi Chuan master Li Ching-Yun purportedly lived to an advanced age of over 200 years old, due in part to his use of Gotu kola and other Chinese herbs. In Sri Lanka there is a tale of a 10th century king who claimed gotu kola (In sinhalese Gotu = conical shape and Kola= leaf), provided the energy and stamina to satisfy his extensive #harem.