Herbal Blends Wholesale

Herbal Blends Wholesale & White Private Label Production

“Herbal blends wholesale collection are smooth tasting, anxiety killing properties are felt almost immediately and without the disorientation that comes with cannabis high in THC. I’ve never had a more naturally relaxed feeling. Plain and simple, get this and never look back.”

Our herbal blends wholesale products are formulated to be used as Tea, Steam, Vape or Smoke.

Each blend is finely balanced to to support; Motivation, Meditation, Relaxation, Self-Care and Nicotine withdrawal.

Herbal Blends Wholesale Sellers

The list of sellers we work with are

  • gift shops
  • apothecary stores
  • cafes
  • dispensaries
  • health food stores
  • headshops
  • restaurants
  • workplace cafeteria
  • smoke shops

Herbal Blends Do Not Show Up in Drug Test

Our blends are 100% organic, grown with no GMO or pesticides and blended with absolutely no additional ingredients or synthetic chemical added to them.

The standard Urine Drug Test is looking for chemical compounds that DO NOT exist in any of our organic herbal blends. 

Wholesale Details

12 Units (Tins) Per Case of the Same Blend
Cost Per Unit $5.00 | Suggested Retail Price: $10.00

Minimum order: Two Cases
Turnaround time:  1-3 Weeks + Shipping

Ask us about about our complimentary Magnetic Wood Product Display {shown in above picture} for orders above $480.

White & Private Labeling

Interested in having your own Herbal line? We are now offering affordable white labeling as well as private labeling consultations. Text (347) 974-4232 Or Email Us

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