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Evolving with Herbs

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For centuries the indigenous relatives to every “race” of human being on every continent have strived to survive, create and harmonize within the natural cycles. These impulses continue today in the forms of Chinese medicine, aryuveda, shamanic practices, permaculture, biodynamics, yoga and too many other disciplines to list here. The commonality between these “holistic” practices that influence our nutrition, societies, and empathic awareness is that they all recognize the rhythmic entanglement of life forces, cosmic, terrestrial and materials as the central organizing concept. In other words each of these profound philosophies recognize the intelligent organizing force in all things and work with it in different ways. This force is undoubtably in your tissue and bones, in the electro chemical reaction in you and your food, and medicine to different degrees. When we meditate we reset the nervous system and allow ourselves to tune be in harmony of this source energy.

In the words of the prolific herbalist David Crow, “Plants are the foundation of civilization and culture. They created the biosphere of the earth’s surface, and they regulate its functions. Plants are the ultimate source of all health and prosperity; they feed us, give us clothing and shelter, provide fuel, fiber, and countless other necessities. Every breath we breathe is the breath of plants, which supports all life. Plants are the origin of medicine.” Plants organize solar, lunar, and terrestrial energy and materials into accessible forms of nutrients and chemicals that inform our cells of particular courses of action needed to adapt to environment.

It is a gift to have the allegiances of medicinal plants when are curating our health, and communicating with source energy. This subject can last a lifetime with study and practice. With varying degrees of depth of exploration and is not to be taken lightly. Although there are plant allies that are more stable for beginners and working with plants and meditation on your own. There are many ways to commune with plants more suitable for daily use, and each plant and method with its nuances. Essences, essential oils, herbal smoke blends, tea, soaking, aromatherapy, seasoning, meals, juices and just a few. When crafting Dropping Seeds™ Smokable herbal teas we have carefully balanced the properties of our blends to make them accessible for users to invite the plant allies in as many ways as possible. All the herbs selected for the SYNC blend for increased intuition were chosen for chemical and subtle energetic properties that support safe and profound awareness in the pineal gland for meditative journey. I strongly suggest consulting with an herbalist if you are considering discovering the properties and potential for using plants for meditation on your own.