The Plants are Talking

Plant medicine journey building a temaszcal

Johanna & SirRoans global travels very synchronistically turned into studies of sacred plant medicine in Brazil, New Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru and Colombia.

Only a Seedling

Plant medicine journey POC hand with feather.

Johanna’s plant journey would lead her into certification for Ayurvedic Holistic Coaching, Reiki Level 1&2 and Integrated Energy Technique Advanced. As well as studies at the University of New Mexico for Curanderismo, a Wasteskun Meztli Canada Moon Dancer and Vision Quester in Atlantida, Colombia.

The Great Recession

Plant medicine journey at a fire in a sweat lodge.

To adapt to the economic downturn, Johanna closed her graphic design studio and SirRoan closed his music studio in Chelsea, NYC. Together, they embarked on a digital nomadic life after one year of dating.