Top Cannabis Herbal Pairings

Much credit is due to the Cannabis plant for inspiring the formulation of our blends.

Raised in NYC, Cannabis was always around me: the streets, the buildings, the friends, the schools and the news. It wasn’t till my late 20’s that I actually stopped calling it “MJ”. During this deeper understanding of the plant kingdom, Cannabis became alive to me as well as all the other plants around me. In my household, many different plants/roots/mushrooms are used daily but Cannabis is definitely the one mostly smoked.

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Equity from Day 1

cannabis legalization in new york social justice and equity from day one

From many People of Color in New York, Cannabis legalization is more then just another tax commodity. It is the end of decades of cannabis prohibition that has affected millions.

“Over the last twenty years, the enforcement of marijuana prohibition has devastated communities across the state of New York. It has been a tool for the hyper-criminalization of young people of color and has been the justification for unconstitutional policing practices.”

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Go Smudge Yourself?

The act of smudging has mostly been historically documented from a non-POC perspective. The word “smudging” is technically a colonial word and its better and more accurate to call it Cleansing or Purifying Herbs.

Even with this shift in relabeling, Cleansing Herbs are still viewed by many as a woo woo witch doctor sham. Using a bundle of herbs to cleanse a room or space around a person has and still is being used by many different indigenous groups around the world. They each have their own name for the cleansing herb ritual as well as their own geographically selected herb bundle and their own reasons for using each selected herb.

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What is the Legal status of Cannabis/Hemp in NY?

As the laws concerning Cannabis keep changing and evolving, we dove deep to understand the current **NEW LEGAL STATUS** for New York.

The plant Cannabis can be considered one of the most popular plants of the century. To start, Cannabis was used in every medicinal cabinet of America in the late 1800’s. The government even handed out Cannabis seeds for USA farmers to grow the crop due to its multi-use from medicine to fabric. Increased restrictions and labeling of cannabis as a poison began in many states from 1906 onward, by the mid-1930s cannabis was regulated as a drug in every state.

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Where to get gifts in B.K. for the Holidays?

Organic Herbal Smoke, Vape, Bath, Tea, Mixology Blend Dropping Seeds Holiday 2019

Its that special time of year again, crazy deadlines, crazy traffic, crazy stress layered with buying all your holiday gifts. But we have the solution to all your troubles in three little letters CBD.

Come join us during our Pop-Up shop at the Brooklyn Museum. Its filled with shopping, food, family holiday activities and our Healing Tea Temple. We are selling out of crystals, aura mist, cleansing herbs, tarot/palm/astrology readings by Minka Brooklyn, CBD oil by Master Growers, our own multi-use blends AND our three *new* herbal blends and elixirs with CBDHemp Flower.

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CBD is in everything. From dog treats to human treats, you can find a CBD product, projected to be a $22 billion market by 2022. But what exactly is this miracle three letters and its cousin THC? Well the truth is: this Cannabis family is larger then just two compounds.

CBD is a compound that is created when the plant Cannibis sativa is burned, boiled or vaporized. In this process of heat, oils seep out, that contain more then 100 compounds (many more yet to be “discovered”).

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How to use Intention & Cannabis

Organic Tobacco Alternative

For cannabis aficionados, smoking herbs is nothing new however many don’t know that you can smoke more then the two most popular herbs: tobacco and cannabis. DroppingSeed’s ethically crafted, premium multi-use herbal blends are designed for you to not only sip as tea or bathe in an herbal bath but also dry-herb vaporize and smoke alone or in a organic spliff. As Marley Natural launched there new Black Walnut Accessories collection, they also featured DroppingSeeds as their preferred legal herb (second to their cannabis strains of course)

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What are the Planets + Elements of a Plant?

Everything on our planet including People, Rocks and Plants are made from the same elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Each Element has a particular quality like heat with Fire or grounded-ness with Earth. Additionally each Planet/celestial body in our galaxy also holds a particular quality like fire with Mars or water with the Moon.

In Ayurveda, Native American, Yorubic and Chinese medicine, the quality of each Plant/Herb is associated with a Planet/Celestial body and Element. When we choose to work with a a plant, we can then create a state of resonance with a planetary or elemental energy of our choice to strengthen our counter-balance our energetic fields.

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How did we start our herbal blends?

Inspired by her discovery of the healing power of plants during a home birth pregnancy, Brooklyn-based Kokoro Chic entrepreneur, Johanna Guevara-Smiley, brings both business expertise and herbal wisdom to her exciting new venture, Dropping Seeds. Johanna crafts her blends for sipping, soaking and even smoking, as a health way to help New Yorkers be stay calm, get focused and be well.

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What are Sacred Plants?

Plants first “spoke” to me through my camera lens. Since my twenties I took an innumerable amount of images of plant life especially in urban settings… specifically the ones that broke thru concrete. The universe then guided me to Burning Man festivals for over a decade which then was followed by sacred plant medicine gatherings that took me all over the world from Greece to Brazil. Fast forward to today and I can truly state that my relationship with plants have left therapeutic benefits and life-changing effects on my life, leading and guiding me to directly develop Dropping Seeds. 🌿

Check out my guest appearance on Psychedelica S1:E3 of the new Gaia TV discussing the powerful effects of Ayahuasca and its effects on the body, mind and soul with Dennis Mckenna and Graham Hancock. Discover why new findings in science and spirituality point to this sacred medicine as a tool for mental illnesses, offering medicinal benefits and sparking life-changing events.

How to work with plants?

Healers Speak is dedicated to research, support and education regarding Nature and indigenous based Healing practices. Via research, interviews, articles, videos, workshops, retreats and all other possible ways of resourcing and sharing material regarding wellness and Healing. Healers Speak gives voice to Healing practitioners worldwide. Check out below our morning convo over tea:

The Synchronicity Movie

Time Is Art is an inspiring documentary film that follows the journey of a writer, compelled to make sense of the mysterious and powerful energy she felt at her aunt’s deathbed. Considering herself a skeptic, a series of strange coincidences leads her on an exploration of synchronicity – the concept that all beings are mystically interconnected.

We were lucky enough to be part of the series of compelling conversations with fellow seekers Toko-Pa Turner, Richard Tarnas, Graham Hancock, Daniel Pinchbeck and biologist Rupert Sheldrake. It inspired the creation of our SYNC blend that supports a states of empathy and lucidity. It increases the synchronicities in your life by enhancing your psychic awareness.

The film will tap you into a way of being that is not ruled by a finite sense of time, but rather by the ability to live in harmony with the true creative nature of our existence.

WATCH IT TODAY w/ 50% off Online Streaming w/ code: 1111

Which Vaporizer Should You Use?

Organic, Smokable herbal tea, vape and bath

Vaping is an amazing way of experiencing DroppingSeeds herbal blends. You skip on the chemicals from the papers and the tar from the smoke and truly smell and taste the herbs. But not all vaporizers are created equal.

To correctly vape, you need to heat the herb (thru conduction or convection) enough so that the plant releases its chemicals in the form of vapor, but not hot enough that the plant burns (combust). There are ideal temperatures for vaporizing our blends where anything lower then the recommended temp, no vapor is produced and anything higher, the herb will ignite.

Majority of e-cigs that claim to be portable dry herb vaporizers simply combust herbs (burn the plant) like Atmos Raw Rx, Ago G5 pen, and devices by Yocan. These devices light herbs by directly exposing them to a heating coil which ignites and burns the herb just like any normal pipe. You could use a brass, glass or metal screen filter, which prevents combustion by acting as a barrier between the herbs and heating coils. The only problem with this method is that A) it’s a pain to place the mesh filters at just the right height and B) if the filters fall onto the heating coils, it could short circuit the device and ruin the battery.

However, there are devices out there now that can do correct vaporization without any extra accessories but are a bit more expensive. The one we personally love is the Da Vinci. You simply load your herb into the chamber, set the temperature and let it heat up for about 30 seconds, and start inhaling the vapor.

Then there are the popular non-portable convection vaporizers like the Volcano. These devices usually heat up water below the herbs, and then use the steam produced to create vapor which you can inhale. The drawback is that these things are larger, bulkier, and not made for on-the-go situations.

Whichever vaporizer you buy, remember, if the smoke is black, you are most likely burning the herbal blend, if the smoke is white then you are vaping your way to happiness! Don’t forget to grind your herb and use the following temperatures as a starting point.

DroppingSeeds Recommended Vaporizer Temperatures:

303°F to 337°F

321°F to 355°F

258°F to 312°F

313°F to 328°F

275°F to 307°F

284°F to 322°F

258°F to 303°F

268°F to 326°F

296°F to 332°F

298°F to 313°F

258°F to 303°F

244°F to 304°F


What is Cacti Medicine?

Kuauhtli Vasquez Cacti: Indigenous Medicine of the Mind Psychedelica GAIA

Throughout the centuries, psychoactive cacti, like peyote and huachuma, guided our ancestors on a sacred path of healing and spiritual transformation. We guess star along Kuauhtli Vasquez (featured above), Chris Long, Max Montrose, Daniel McQueen and Michael Winkelman in discussing the ceremonial use of cacti in the Americas.

Watch Psychedelica | S1:Ep6 | where cacti is described as opening the frontal cortex to help us think clearly and enable us to detect energy patterns in the body which may indicate disease. Those who can connect deeper with the spirit of the cactus have uncovered a prophecy telling of what is to come for humanity.

 Cacti: Indigenous Medicine of the Mind Psychedelica GAIA

5 Ways to Shift with Herbs

Smokable herbal tea, vape and bath

What if you could shift your state of mind on demand without overwhelming your body with dangerous side effects, all while remaining sober? This is a weighted question of course. There is much research available about meditation practices, exercise, listening to music and strategically consuming particular foods. But the “magic” available in each tin of Dropping Seeds multi use herbal blends is a powerful tool intended to support arguably the most sophisticated technologies you’ll ever get your hands on … your emotional and mental states. Each herbal blend helps to stimulate a desired state that can help you access your emotions or mental state in combination with your intentions. Here are 5 ways you can use organic herbal blends.

Smokable herbal tea, vape and bath
The first cup of tea is said to have been born in an accident thousands of years ago where a Chinese Emperor was boiling water and had leaves from a nearby bush unexpectedly blow into his pot. This became the first born of teas, evolving over the centuries into the herbal and medicinal teas of today.

My favorite caffeine replacement is FOCUS blend. With its Yerba Mate and Ginkgo herbs, it truly allows me to focus on my day without the jitters.

To make your perfect cup, boil 8 cups of spring water and add 1 tablespoon of herb to a tea ball. Steep the tea ball in your cup of warm spring water for 10 mins & get your day going!

Smokable herbal tea, vape and bath
Herbal baths have been popular since the age of primeval Romans and Greeks. They took herbal baths not only for the curative properties, but also for enhancing beauty and influence on the mind. The active elements in the herbs are directly soaked by your skin and are then transported to the blood vessels where they have a positive effect on our internal systems.

My favorite herbal steam bath to take after going hard at the gym is RELAX herbal blend. The Passion flower and Hops are great muscle relaxants to take the muscle soreness away. Start with filling up a tub with warm water, next fill a Muslim bag with 1/2 a cup of herbs and fully dip the closed bag into the bath along with a 1/2 a cup of Epsom salt. After 10 mins, get in and relaxxxxx.

Smokable herbal tea, vape and bathWant to have an amazing date night? There is nothing like getting straight to your lovers heart then thru their stomach. Food and love are inexorably linked, thanks to a complex hormonal reaction that affects our emotional attachments to loved ones and our need for food.

Is your man into chicken or fish, use HIS herbal blend to season it the way you would use salt and pepper. The cloves in the blend will give your dish a warm, sweet and spicy taste. Or if your girl loves her salad, a mix of olive oil with HERS herbal blend will give it a zesty orange kick and floral jasmine scent.

Want to skip dinner and go straight to the desert, make tea out of each blend and mix in cacao (also an aphrodisiac) for some steamy hot chocolate!

Smokable herbal tea, vape and bath
Cannabis and tobacco isn’t the only herb that can be smoked. For thousand of years, indigenous cultures have used a variety of herbs for ceremonial and medicinal use. Today you don’t even have to smoke the herbs, you can vape which I personally love because you have a more intimate experience with the taste and smell of the herbs.

CALM herbal blend gently takes me to my happy place with the scent of Lavender and calms my racing mind with the combination of Damiana and Skullcap.

Even though I recommend vaping over smoking, if you enjoy smoking then I recommend a pipe so that you don’t have to smoke the chemicals in the paper you roll in. If you go the vape route, make sure you get a vaporizer that vapes dried herbs.

Smokable herbal tea, vape and bath
Smell is the strongest of the senses and is best able to influence brain activity. When your feel run down and tired, you can use a misting spray to invigorate and restore your spirit.

SYNC is my favorite smelling herbal blend. The Rose soothes you while the Spearmint sweatily invigorates you. Not to mention the Mugwort will activate your pineal gland (aka third eye) to synchronize you into your day. Once you steep the herbal blend in warm spring water, you can pour the “tea” mist into a spray bottle and keep it refrigerated for up to 2-4 weeks.

Use your misting spray rather then the chemically filled air fresheners or add a few drops of vitamin E and use on your skin!

How Herbs Support Depression

Blogger and entrepreneur, Jazerai Lord ( @nerdlikejazzy) came out of a deep depression & refocused all her energy on teaching other creative women of color how to do the same. DroppingSeeds participated in the Creative Souls retreat to help empower and self motivate with meditation and plant knowledge.

Jazzy brought together a group of women who’d at one point hit rock bottom and who are openly working on transforming their struggles. The core of this gathering was to practice self love with the support of sisterhood.

In this video, we see the our subjects break bread together, mediate with organic herbal & cannabis spliffs, then carry that joy with them for some creative expression.

Which Blend is Right for You?

Organic Herbal Smoke Tea Bath Vape Aromatherapy Blends

DroppingSeeds chooses high quality herbs grown organically with no chemicals added other then sun, rain and soil. When we create our blends, the inspiration for each intention comes from our own intuitive understanding of the different paths we are all on. We add no synthetic or artificial ingredients and only give our blends 100% love and attention to make sure whoever uses them receives the energy that they are seeking.

In picking your herbal blend, the first question you should ask is “what part of my life needs balance”?

Have a hard time prioritizing?

Herbal Smoking Blend

STIMULATING herbal blends are for you.FOCUS blend is my favorite, especially when mixed w/ cannabis, which further activates the blends brain-power abilities. AWAKE blend assist with moving the blood helping you get out of bed in the morning. And SUN is my go-to blend when we have a string of cloudy days or I’m going out to enjoy the night and mingle.


Can’t sleep?

Herbal Smoking Blend

CALMING herbal blends work best.The ingredients in our CALM blend are meant to calm your nervous system while RELAX is meant to be a muscle relaxant. CENTER keeps you in the middle ground if you are too hyper or too tire. While SLEEP blend uses herbs best know for its sedative effects.


Your mind is racing all the time.

Organic smokable tea herbal smoke bath blend

MEDITATION herbs are ideal. Our MOON and SYNC blends use herbs that clinically and historically activate your pineal gland. And the herbs in CENTER will energetically connect you to your true self.


Smoking too many commercial cigarettes?

Quit Smoking Herbal Smoking Blends

QUIT SMOKING blends are recommended to fool the body into thinking it has nicotine in your system. Our QUIT blend comes w/ or w/out spearmint so you can use as a tea if you want to fully stop exposing yourself to smoke.


Planning a romantic night?


APHRODISIAC blends are perfect. HIS and HERS are blended specifically to excite the body and its multi use is ideal for smoking it, making a delicious meal or warm cup of cacao, not to mention a luxurious bath for either one.


Still Can’t Decide?


Go for our HERBAL SAMPLE BLEND, it comes with all 12 blends so you can try them out in a vaporizer, pipe/papers, tea or bath. Enjoy!

The Quality of our Herbal Tea

After painfully watching smokable tea videos on youtube recently, I noticed an incredible lack of intention and connection around consuming plants. Many people are seeking alternatives to smoking, or reducing commercial cigarettes and marijuana and are rolling tea bag contents. But, before going any further into smokable herbal tea, let’s talk talk about the power of plants a little. The most important thing to acknowledge when you commune (ingest, inhale, envelop your skin) with any plant product is that you are taking in information of that specific plant’s life, it’s environment and it’s treatment after it’s been harvested. So whether we’re smoking tobacco, drinking herbal tea, coffee or putting on lotion with lavender scent we are letting the essence of the plant live through us.

It’s very important to be selective of the life essences we allow to mix with ours. In many ways It’s like being aware of the company you keep. There are sciences and alchemic practices that date back to beginning of humanity that have embraced and used the particular nuances of plants to navigate emotions and prepare for tasks like, soul searching, weddings, honey moons, hunting, tribal gatherings, and sleep. As a demonstration of the vitality and lack of it we emptied a TIN of Dropping Seeds™ SUN multi-use herbal tea next to 20 tea bags of a commercially available herbal tea carton. Through quick observation, the vibrancy in color and form of the plant contents suggest that one is packed with more vitality than the other. Note that the contents of all Dropping Seeds products are organic and non-GMO. The remnants of life energy in the plant is what you feel whether you’re smoking, drinking or bathing in it. For the benefit of customers and out of high regard for the medicinal quality of the plant; we source our ingredients with care, package our smokable herbal tea to limit light and exposure to air and moisture. As much as we would like to show the product through the packaging we chose to preserve the plants’s vitality and medicinal potency instead.

We advertise that you can prepare 4 cups of medical herbal tea with our TINS. This is based on a tablespoon measure and can easily be diluted 100% for functional serving with clear effects of the herbs. Smoking herbs has the most immediate affect and the least efficient transfer of medicinal attributes in a plant. So, when we balance blends for smoking quality we aim for potency. The best way to gauge how much you want in your mug is to experiment with preparations. Change the spoon sizes, try diluting and enjoy.

You can Smoke This? Part 2

Quit Smoking Herbal Smoking Blends

If you are reading this then it means you are currently a smoker. If we dissect why you started, we’d probably attribute it to stress, peer pressure, a familiar smell, social use while drinking, and oral fixation. Whichever way that you were introduced, you received “some” of the benefits of the tobacco. You kept trying and alas you can’t stop. Realize that you are NOT still smoking for the original reason, especially if you are smoking commercial cigarettes.

I bet if I handed you real pure organic tobacco, you would really enjoy it and you wouldn’t take more the 3-4 puffs due to its potency. You’d be satisfied with the nicotine content. Nicotine is an alkaloid that in lesser doses produces a relaxing and stimulating effect, and increases the level of dopamine and serotonin. Unfortunately the cigarettes most of us are used to smoking have modified tobacco, and loads of additives that keep us entangled in a dysfunctional way (Learn more about the dangers of commercial tobacco).

Organic smokable tea herbal smoke bath blendIf you’re ready to reduce tobacco use or fully commit to quitting commercial cigarettes then you need to first give nicotine less control over you. Attempts at ending cigarette addiction often leads to frustration, because withdrawal from nicotine is very difficult to deal with. Most methods either have a form of weaning (using nicotine chewing gum of patches to control the urges) and therapeutic approach that requires a psychological commitment and sometimes hypnosis. DroppingSeeds QUIT herbal blend assists in healing nicotine addiction and supporting the organs afflicted by excessive tobacco smoke. Lobelia acts as a non addictive nicotine substitute reducing the withdrawal symptoms. Mullen and Lobelia both aid in rehabilitation of the trachea and bronchial damage accumulated over the course of the cigarette habit. Additionally, having the option to prepare QUIT as a tea, bath, vape, or a smoke gives you the versatility of use appropriate for your lifestyle.

If its cannabis you want to reduce or cut back on on then DroppingSeeds artisan herbs are a great resource. By mixing our intentional blends with your marijuana you’ll get less of the THC “high” and more of the specific properties of the plants in your favorite DroppingSeeds herbal blend. Each of our blends are crafted to compliment marijuana by allowing the cannabis smoker, vape head, and cannabis-cuisine chef to select a desired state of being and achieve it, instead of simply feeling stoned. Among the many benefits of this match made in heaven is that you will spend money, by consuming less ganja while finding new ways to enjoy your favorite herbal blends.

You can Smoke This? Part 1

Quit Smoking Herbal Smoking Blends

Start by asking yourself – Do you REALLY know what you are doing when you smoke plants? Whether you’re using Tobacco, Cannabis or Chamomile, you are “communing” with the plant by burning it. In plain english, you’re experiencing the chemical reactions that the plant has with your body when you consume it. Be it smoke form, tea form or bath form this remains a fact. Your bio-chemical response will differ subtly depending on whether you inhale, ingest or envelope the plants properties through your pours.

Let’s step back in and deal with some interesting points about smoking rituals. Since man harnessed fire we have smoked plant matter, albeit less recreational as we do today. The majority of indigenous cultures around the world perceived the act of Smoking is a way to travel from this dimension to the spirit dimension, this includes smudging. As smoke diffuses in the atmosphere it’s presence is acknowledged by it’s odor. It is still there, because you can smell it, although the form has changed. As the gaseous elements of the solid substance dissolve into you or your intention will go into the spirit realm for the spirits to listen to.

The properties are of the most legally smoked plant (Tobacco) is meant to ground the body (tobacco has been used medicinally for millennia as a probiotic, digestive, calming agent) and connect with the ancestors (the ones buried below your feet in the ground …) When you are “grounded”, it allows you to see things clearer… Ask any smoker, especially a chronic one and see how stress is a trigger for picking up a cigarette. (the second trigger is the addiction of the synthetic chemicals in a commercial cigarette, so stress or no stress, your body feigns for the synthetic chemical which we’ll get back to in part 2)

So why do you want to ‘smoke’? Tea or a bath are excellent ways to get the benefits of your plant material. Whether it’s Tobacco, Cannabis or Chamomile, you truly have more options than merely smoking. You could have a cup of tea, take an herbal bath, vape, smudge, create edibles or spray mist etc. In fact smoking decreases the potential of the plant’s affects in comparison to just about every other method of preparation.

Unless you are already coming from a smoking background, why not leave the act of smoking to those moments you really want to send your prayers and wishes to the spirit realm? In fact I strongly recommend that all your smoking moments if any should be made intentional with prayer or mantra.

Or invest in a dry herb vaporizer and protect your lungs from tar build, and lung tissue damage caused by inhaling hot gases. No need to start a routine that can be damaging. There is enough air pollution causing damage to your lungs already. I strongly enjoy vaping over smoking because you have a more intimate experience with the herb’s taste and smell that you miss out on when the herb turns into ash.

But what if you already started the habit of commercial cigarettes and or cannabis… read part 2.

Vaping In Solidarity

To whom it may concern…

Consider this a public service announcement intended to shine a little light for all vape heads (Vaporizer Users). The American Journal of Physiology published the results of study, where lab mice were exposed to e-cig vapor and non nicotine vapor from e-liquid. A couple of weeks later published a post interepreting the findings. The head line was Put Down The Vape: There’s Bad News Out There For Everyone Who Thinks E-Cigs Are Healthier Than Cigarettes.

All this said, we think there are key points brought up in this study, namely nicotine extracts, carrier liquid typically less than food grade glycerol and glycerine in combination with specific temperatures that resulted in adverse responses in the lung health of the lab mice. The study nor science.mic article actually cover vaporizing in the all the forms vaping includes. Vape heads know that Vaporizing refers to non combustion derived vapor intake of wax, oil, e-liquid, as well as dry contents. The study and the story only evaluate e-liquids and isn’t clear about the temperatures that trigger formaldehyde (carcinogen) formation with glycerols and glycerine. I appreciate the awareness the article inspires around the misnomer that E-Cigs are “healthy” alternatives to commercial cigarettes. Conversely, the post “Put down the Vape” and summary statement “anyone considering taking up vaping should be aware there’s probably no such thing as a consequence-free smoke yet“ are a little sensational.

I strongly recommend vaping dry herbs, and quality food grade nicotine free carriers at temperatures that do not cause combustion, or burning of your contents. There are number of dry herb vaporizers on the market. Some of my favorite brands based on quality ease of use and price are, DaVincci, Atmos, Kind-Pen, HipVap and Pax. Some sites with great selection of these products are and You’ll find product reviews at Vape Nation as well as high Hightimes. Also, be sure to try vaping intentional smokable tea recipes comprised of 100% organic, fair trade, and wild crafted non-addictive alternatives to cigarettes.

Vaping in Solidarity,

Evolving with Herbs

For centuries the indigenous relatives to every “race” of human being on every continent have strived to survive, create and harmonize within the natural cycles. These impulses continue today in the forms of Chinese medicine, aryuveda, shamanic practices, permaculture, biodynamics, yoga and too many other disciplines to list here. The commonality between these “holistic” practices that influence our nutrition, societies, and empathic awareness is that they all recognize the rhythmic entanglement of life forces, cosmic, terrestrial and materials as the central organizing concept. In other words each of these profound philosophies recognize the intelligent organizing force in all things and work with it in different ways. This force is undoubtably in your tissue and bones, in the electro chemical reaction in you and your food, and medicine to different degrees. When we meditate we reset the nervous system and allow ourselves to tune be in harmony of this source energy.

In the words of the prolific herbalist David Crow, “Plants are the foundation of civilization and culture. They created the biosphere of the earth’s surface, and they regulate its functions. Plants are the ultimate source of all health and prosperity; they feed us, give us clothing and shelter, provide fuel, fiber, and countless other necessities. Every breath we breathe is the breath of plants, which supports all life. Plants are the origin of medicine.” Plants organize solar, lunar, and terrestrial energy and materials into accessible forms of nutrients and chemicals that inform our cells of particular courses of action needed to adapt to environment.

It is a gift to have the allegiances of medicinal plants when are curating our health, and communicating with source energy. This subject can last a lifetime with study and practice. With varying degrees of depth of exploration and is not to be taken lightly. Although there are plant allies that are more stable for beginners and working with plants and meditation on your own. There are many ways to commune with plants more suitable for daily use, and each plant and method with its nuances. Essences, essential oils, herbal smoke blends, tea, soaking, aromatherapy, seasoning, meals, juices and just a few. When crafting Dropping Seeds™ Smokable herbal teas we have carefully balanced the properties of our blends to make them accessible for users to invite the plant allies in as many ways as possible. All the herbs selected for the SYNC blend for increased intuition were chosen for chemical and subtle energetic properties that support safe and profound awareness in the pineal gland for meditative journey. I strongly suggest consulting with an herbalist if you are considering discovering the properties and potential for using plants for meditation on your own.

The Benefits of Sage

Smoking Sage Herbal Smoke Blends This #magical herb is not only among the most healing herbs of our planet, but is considered the #queen of healing herbs. Ancient civilizations used sage as the cure for almost all diseases. It had the status of a sacred plant and it was the symbol of #fertility, good health and long life.Around the 10th century, #Arab physicians believe sage extended life to the point of immortality. After the Crusades, this belief showed up in #Europe where the saying : “Why should a man die who grows sage in his garden?” evolved. Charlemagne ordered #sage grown in the medicinal herb gardens on his imperial farms and the #French called the herb toute bonne, meaning all’s well.There are more than nine species of sage that grow in America, all of which are legal and highly recommended for smoking, smudging, and drinking.Benefits of Smoking Sage:
  • Eases Headaches
  • Enhances Memory and Cognitive Function
  • Lifts Mood, Combats Depression
  • Relieves congestion and stuffed nose
  • Alternative to cigarette smoking
Benefits of Drinking Sage Tea:
  • Reduces heavy menstruation
  • Relieves cold and flu symptoms
  • Treats candida overgrowth
  • Treats staph and fungal infections
  • Reduces fever
  • Expels intestinal worms and parasites
  • Cleanses toxins
  • Beneficial during labor and after childbirth (uterine stimulant)
  • Promotes liver and bladder health
Benefits of External Use:
  • As a hair rinse stimulates growth and removes dandruff
  • Reduced fever when applied to the body
  • Treats eczema
  • Hot poultices relieve migraines
Benefits of Sage Extract:
  • Improves cognition and reduces agitation in Alzheimer’s patients
  • Lowers fasting glucose in diabetics
  • Lowers bad cholesterol
  • Rich in antioxidants, reduces cellular damage


Smoking Rose Petals

Smoke Rose Herbal Blend The rose is sensual, evocative, and evokes the spirit of love in the heart and mind. Rose is a classic aphrodisiac because it affects both mind and body in a synergistic fashion. The scent of roses can reach within to lift depressive moods and create a feeling of well being and mild euphoria.The thorn of the rose serves to remind us of the strength required to allow ourselves to be compassionate and no less prepared to define boundaries. Living in a balance between delicately majestic and fierce, Rose dares to share love. That is why Rose is used in our Dropping Seeds recipes support intuition and a balanced heart chakra.Recently, the rose petal become the next big trend in the world of weed. Rolling a blunt using rose petals is basically pulling some petals off a fresh rose, heat them in the oven for a few seconds and then stick them together end-to-end according to the video below. Many tobacco blends and blunt paper already include rose petals—along with various other herbs and flowers. Similarly, people regularly use rose petals in their hookahs. 


The Magic of Mullein

Mullein is one of those plants that definitely give you a different perspective on smoking. It has a long history as a healing herb with its main reputation as a respiratory remedy.¹

Native American treated asthma by drying and smoking the mullein leaves or burning the leaves in a fire and inhaling the rising smoke to open airways.²

It also has been noted that smoking can reduce the occurrence of some conditions like endometrial cancer, ulcerative colitis, Kaposi’s sarcoma, breast cancer, preeclampsia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and atopic disorders such as allergic asthma. These protective affects are attributed to the anti-inflammatory properties of nicotine, which interferes with these conditions.³
I don’t recommend to pick up the habit of smoking, especially commercial cigs but I do recommend to do your homework and realize that tobacco and cannabis is a herb therefore ALSO a medicine and the act of smoking is one of the many ways you can ingest medicine.

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How to Steep Your Tea

Steeping is the soaking in liquid (usually water) of a solid so as to extract flavours or to soften it.¹ Tea is the world’s second most consumed beverage after water. Americans consume a whopping  3.6 billion gallons of tea a year.

When SIPPING Dropping Seeds, don’t forget the following:

– WATER, the fresher the better! Invest in a water filter and if you are near a drinkable water source like a spring, bless it before using it.

– BOIL your water right before the point it starts to bubble, you want it to keep all its healthy properties

– 1 TABLESPOON of herb to each cup of water

– STEEP to no less the 3.27 secs … just kidding. You should follow your intuition on how rich and deep you want the herbs in the blend to be infused into the water

– ENJOY because without this .. its all not worth it.

Sacred Mama Coca

When anyone mentions the word Cocaine, the image of heaps of coke and discos come to mind. But in many cultures, coca is a sacred plant. Although the Catholic Church was commissioned to eradicate the plant by considering it an “ally of the devil” during its conquest of South America, its cultivation is an ancient practice that has been preserved. Coca quenches thirst, hunger, cold, fatigue and other adverse conditions thanks to its many properties when consumed as a tea or simply chewed.

In my travels in Peru, mama coca was there during the moments of low oxygen in the high mountains and in the moments of low strength during our vision quest in the sacred valley.

It created such a new relationship with coca for me which then gives me a whole new meaning to “say hello to my little friend” (lol #jk)

Team Can Only Equal Family

Team = Family. As human species we are not meant to be ALONE. As our knowledge grows so does our network with collaborators bringing in their individual passions and experience to the product line and the overall mission.

All members of our Dropping Seeds team have felt a strong call to holistic health and were introduce to “traditional medicine” as a way to help manage “states-of-being”. Our commitment is to thoroughly research the benefits and potential of each plant in order to develop helpful healthy formulas for managing daily life.

As historical data overlaps the clinical data of herbs, Dropping Seeds will conceive nutritional supplemental products for your souls nourishment. So much more coming soon.

What is a New Moon Gathering?

The tradition of women gatherings for the new moon have been going on for eons in all indigenous cultures. A New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle, a fresh start in it’s cycle of waxing and waning. During this time the Moon is empty and receptive and full of potential. This is an optimum time to plant seeds of intentions for what you wish to manifest in your life.¹

I’ve been blessed with many friends who have held gatherings, including myself. It was only logical to create a MOON blend using herbs associated with the moon like mugwort and rose. So on your next new moon gathering, don’t forget to hold space with a delicious tea and smoke of MOON.

“Going Back to Cali”… fornia Poppy

California poppy has a long history. Its the state flower of California but also the cousin of the opium poppy.

When working on the FOCUS blend it call us due to its treatment of behavioral disorders such as ADD, ADHD. It has also been used to improve intellectual capacity, memory and concentration in the elderly by Rudolf Weiss that states that the effect is towards “…establishing equilibrium,” and is not at all narcotic.¹

California poppy is well worth using when trying to withdraw from addiction, whether to alcohol, drugs, orthodox drugs or tobacco.²

¹Weiss RF. Herbal Medicine. 289; AB Arcanum, Sweden. 1988.