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Are You in Need of Mental Wellness?

Back of reiki practitioner working on the legs of a patient

We all have bad days. Lately, though, we can all it agree things look gloomier. With the increase in suicide by 25% since 1999, it makes sense for all of us to question “what’s going on” and for others to ask “will my demons win?”

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5 Ways to Shift with Herbs

Smokable herbal tea, vape and bath

What if you could shift your state of mind on demand without overwhelming your body with dangerous side effects, all while remaining sober? This is a weighted question of course. There is much research available about meditation practices, exercise, listening to music and strategically consuming particular foods. But the “magic” available in each tin of Continue reading

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The Quality of our Herbal Tea

After painfully watching smokable tea videos on youtube recently, I noticed an incredible lack of intention and connection around consuming plants. Many people are seeking alternatives to smoking, or reducing commercial cigarettes and marijuana and are rolling tea bag contents. But, before going any further into smokable herbal tea, let’s talk talk about the power Continue reading

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Evolving with Herbs

Full moon mural

For centuries the indigenous relatives to every “race” of human being on every continent have strived to survive, create and harmonize within the natural cycles. These impulses continue today in the forms of Chinese medicine, aryuveda, shamanic practices, permaculture, biodynamics, yoga and too many other disciplines to list here. The commonality between these “holistic” practices Continue reading