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Plants for Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is more than just going to the Dentist

In this video, I speak about how dental hygiene keeps your head cavity free of bacteria and viruses. The openings in our heads, ear, eyes, nose and mouth is where bacteria and viruses enter. Other than cleaning your hands and avoid touching your face . there are also techniques like:

  • 👅 Tongue scraping
  • 🌿 DIY toothpaste and mouthwash with essential oils
  • 💨 Herbal Face Steams

The best antibacterial herbs to use are:

  • 🌿 eucalyptus 
  • 🌿 peppermint
  • 🌿 neem
  • 🌿 rosemary
  • 🌿 cloves (use sparingly, this one is 🌶)

All techniques and plants used by our indigenous ancestors in keeping a balance with the micro-organism kingdoms. 

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Plantain the Bug Bite Plant

Plantain can be used as an herbal smoking blend, for an herbal bath, tea and aromatherapy dry blend.

The best anti inflammatory & anti microbial “weeed” to soothe an itchy bug bite.

Plantain , no not Platano, is an herb (considered a weed) that is found all up/down the America’s … even Central Park. Recommend researching it to know how to identify it and choose the plant that is far from roads/parking lots.

In this video, I show how to use Plantain by simply chewing a piece of the leaf and applying the poultice to the bite to decrease the inflammation plus suck out any venom.

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Finding Medicine Everywhere

Different sizes of Spruces Image by Vivian Faith Prescott

The spruce tips of early spring

In this video, I speak about the spruce tips, bright green evergreen tips growing in the spring. Filled with very high levels of vitamin c, potassium and magnesium, you can simply eat it them or make a tea for coughs/respiratory issues. The spruce tree for the Hopi are medicine people that turned into trees, once again showing how beautiful the plants are here to take care of us.

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Manzanilla 🌼 Am Emotional Processor

Hand holding chamomile organic herbal smokable herb

Chamomile (manzanilla) is here to help us process emotions so we can navigate life safely.

There are currently so many reason to have our emotions tied in knots. And emotions are processed by our stomach. So in this video, I speak about how babies to adults, chamomile has helped during times of great transitioning.

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Skullcap 🌿 The stop-stressing plant

Hand holding skullcap organic herbal smokable herb

2020 is forever the year everything changes and the hardest part is we don’t know what’s gonna happen next.

If you’re like me, you might be overthinking all the possibilities and this can cause serious burnout in our bodies.

In this video, I speak about Skullcap, a plants that helps decrease the physical repercussions of stressing out. We need daily mental resets to be able navigate these dense & transitional times and the plants are here to take care of us.

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Queen Ann’s Lace 🌿 Nature’s Contraceptive

Queen Anns Lace Wild Carrot Seed Natural Birth Control Contraceptive

With the overload of pharmaceutical products, it’s nice to learn about natural contraceptives like Queen Ann’s Lace aka Wild Carrot Seed

In this video, I speak about a great herbalist Robin Rose Bennet, who did a study that shows the effectiveness of Daucus carota, Wild Carrot Seed, a natural contraceptive that has been used for more than 2000 years.. The results were 9 out of the 160 women became pregnant.

For me personally, I see it helps keep the wall of the uterus slippery so an egg can not implant itself. This method of birth control has been the most effective for me but nevertheless I do recommend doing your own studies and highly listening to your own body.

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Rose of Jericho, the Resurrection plant

New Moon Manifestation Intention Ritual with Rose of Jeriicho

Plant magic + New Moon = Powerful Intentions

Every month you have a chance to work with New Moon energy, a perfect time to use ALL your tools to set intentions. A plant I love to use in my new moon rituals is Rose of Jericho, it literally “resurrects” when u give it water. Energetically perfect for setting seeds of intention, additionally you can use candles and crystals to amplify your intention. A great book to read to understand how to “work with magic” is Psychomagic by Alejandro Jodorowsky 🧠 It shows how we truly create our own reality and with help from all the elements around us, celestial to earthly, we can really shift our mindset in manifesting what we want.

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Oregano 🌿 Keeps the Boogie Monsters Away

Herbal Medicinal Tea Oregano for Runny Nose

With its anti-bacterial, anti-viral & anti-inflammatory benefits, Oregano can be used for more than just pizza.

This herb grew abundantly in my parents backyard . And it’s been helping me & my family blast thru soar throats, stuffy nose & straight up anxiety. As an all day tea and even in my epson salt filled bath, this herb is warming up my core as well as allowing the boogies to melt away. Remember to get extra rest and hydration, especially during solar flare ups & eclipse seasons.

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Yerba Buena & How Plants Speak to Us🍃

Hand holding spearmint organic herbal smokable herb

Que viva la Yerba Buena. A plant that has been used by many Central, South and Caribbean grandmothers.

Not only is it amazing expectorant, it is also a great digestive- no wonder it was called “The Good Herb”.

During this global pandemic, the research I did directed me to use Spearmint, on a daily. Only to find her in my parents backyard growing wild, confirming my intuition to use her. It is said by abuelas that plants will show up/follow us when we need them. Grateful for plant intelligence

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Cleansing your Home with Herbs 🌿

Saging medicinal smokes to cleanse airborne diseasex

If your feeling cabin fever ❄️ cleansing (aka smudging/saging) your home with herbs is a great way to clean and clear the air.

Clinical studies have already proven plants like:
🌿 Sage
🌿 Palo Santo
🌿 Cedar
🌿 Pine
Disinfect 94% of airborne bacteria. And in a time that we are all home due to the weather and COVID, its good to refresh the air.

In this video, I share my home herbal cleansing techniques, taught to me by elders, abuellas and many moon sisters. It’s a great time to align cleansing your home with the new moon in Aquarius since it is also the New Chinese Lunar Year of the Ox.

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Go Smudge Yourself?

Hand holding sage for herbal cleansing

The word “smudge” is technically a colonial word. It is more accurate to call it Cleansing or Purifying.

The act of “smudging” is first documented by colonizers. This caused many to view it as a “woo woo witch doctor sham“. Nevertheless, many different indigenous groups around the world use bundles of herbs to clean a room or person. They each have their own name for the cleansing herb ritual. As well as their own geographically selected herb bundle and their own reasons for using each selected herb.

Herbs to Smudge Yourself

The most used cleansing herb is White Sage, Salvia apiana. According to the United Plant Savers is on the watch list for going extinct. Most recently, Palo Santo from South American also started to get popular and also said to be over harvested. There are alternatives we can all use like Mugwort, Cedar, Rosemary and Pine. The truth is cleansing herbs are based on the plants that grow around you, not what you can get online. So its best to use the ones native to where you live and EVEN better, grow them!

Politically speaking, Canada, in an attempt to redress historical practices of assimilation, have established policies that support Indigenous traditions. Specifically allowing public schools to offer cleansing herb practices to their majority indigenous student body. As well as allowing the use of cleansing herbs in public spaces or even your own rented apartment.

Does Smudging Yourself Work?

YES, results from a clinical study on “mixtures of odoriferous and medicinal herbs” show the positive effects when you smudge yourself. The published study in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health concluded that:

“using medicinal smoke, it IS possible to completely eliminate diverse plant and human pathogenic bacteria of the air within confined space.”

What they observed was the cleansing herbs purified and disinfected the air by a 94% reduction of the airborn bacteria. It also had the ability make the environment cleaner for up to 24 hours in a closed room.

This is a great example of “modern western science” catching up with indigenous wisdom. Herbal blends have the same result if you use as a smoke, tea or as a cleansing herb. Blends are formulate to evoke a specific energy. Inhaling them in a spliff or while sprinkling them over a heated coal, the effects will be the same.

Best Herbal Blends to Smudge Yourself

The ones I highly suggest is CENTER for balancing the energy of a room or person. CALM for de-escalating stress. REVIVE for “cabin fever” in the winter. SYNC for inspiring creativity.


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How Herbs Support Depression

POC herbalist playing the flute

Blogger and entrepreneur, Jazerai Lord ( @nerdlikejazzy) came out of a deep depression & refocused all her energy on teaching other creative women of color how to do the same. DroppingSeeds participated in the Creative Souls retreat to help empower and self motivate with meditation and plant knowledge.

Jazzy brought together a group of women who’d at one point hit rock bottom and who are openly working on transforming their struggles. The core of this gathering was to practice self love with the support of sisterhood.

In this video, we see the our subjects break bread together, mediate with organic herbal & cannabis spliffs, then carry that joy with them for some creative expression.

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Placebo or Spirit?

The placebo is a concept that fascinates western minds.

A placebo, also known as a sugar pill, is a treatment that is often given to study participants as a control to compare the effects of “nothing” to the effects of an actual treatment. But studies in the past have shown that, inexplicably, placebos can have positive effects. It baffles Western minds to think that with the power of the mind, the body can heal. 

In many indigenous cultures all thru out the world, the respect to invisible forces (be it from one owns essence to something bigger and larger than oneself) has been used for eons. Today, current medical institutions are starting to incorporate these practices from reiki, to Curanderismo, to Aboriginal psychology. In my opinion, the placebo effect is what is happening when you do individual meditation/visualization or when working with shaman/healers.

A very interesting published medical study reported that modern surgical procedures shared certain features with the activities of traditional healers (shamans). They conducted a placebo-controlled double-blind investigation to determine the value of surgical procedures by comparing the results of real operations with fake operations.

The author emphasized the mystical features of a surgeon’s interaction with a patient. It could be argued many modern operations depend on the placebo effect for a favorable outcome just like Shamanic healers  depend on suggestibility. The shaman and surgeon performs many “rituals” that enhance the subject’s sense that something beneficial occurred during the ritual.

They went on to compare:

  • Healing Place (Ceremony space vs Surgical Facility)
  • Fasting (Both part of Shamanism and medical procedures)
  • Ritual Garb (Ceremonial-wear vs Surgical Garments)
  • Ingesting Psychotropic Substances (Psychedelic mushrooms vs Anesthesia)
  • Masked Healer

“in this ritual drama, masked surgeons behave heroically, in a special, secluded ritual space … wearing a distinctive costume that obscures the face and hair . . .”

In both instances, be it in a surgical room or ceremonial space, there is a disorientation that happens to the individual that enhances suggestibility. Researchers have even shown that an injected placebo is more effective than an oral placebo and that a placebo acupuncture using a collapsible needle is more effective that a placebo pill.

In all these cases, the power of the mind (spirit) is strong. And as western medicine keeps devaluing this because they don’t have the measuring sticks  (in my opinion) strong enough to measure this phenomenon. They all settle with calling it the placebo effect or the sugar pill… I call it spirit listening to our intentions. 

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How to work with plants?

Two females in front of window chatting

Healers Speak is dedicated to research, support and education regarding Nature and indigenous based Healing practices. Via research, interviews, articles, videos, workshops, retreats and all other possible ways of resourcing and sharing material regarding wellness and Healing. Healers Speak gives voice to Healing practitioners worldwide. Check out below our morning convo over tea: