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How To Roll an Herbal Spliff

Hand holding rolling box

Rolling an herbal spliff serves as one of the most powerful tools in your self-care arsenal. Pair it with artisanal intentional herbal blends and find yourself transported to a relaxing, energetic or meditative state. Rolling takes practice but once you master it, the plant kingdom opens up to you.

Importance of Rolling Your Own Herbal Spliff

Entourage Effect

First, let’s look at the entourage effect of plants compounds. The Entourage Effect is what occurs when different plant compounds combine together to create an effect greater than what they would produce on their own. For example, the terpenes in our SUN blend are: Pinene, Myrcene, Farnesene, Bisabolol, Linalool, Terpinolene, Nerol. By adding CBD or THC dominant flower, the stress relief and detoxing effects these terpenes offer are amplified.

Control Your Own Dosage

When rolling a spliff, you have control of how much of each herb affects you. In comparison to a commercial cigarette, rolling your own botanical smoke allows you to control your consumption by customizing your dosage. Many factors should be taken into consideration like your body size, diet and personal smoking intention.

Get to Know each Plant

This is the fun part of the plant kingdom. Getting to know each plant individually. Having the ability to roll your own herb will introduce you to a new world of plant allies.

Rolling Your Own Herbal Spliff is Eco-Friendlier

Simply put, you eliminate any middle men, products, toxic factory outputs to produce a Pre Roll. If you don’t understand what I mean, I recommend viewing this short video on the History of Stuff. Rolling your own herbs eliminates the toxic waste cigarette factories make. Next, decrease the carbon footprint involved in all the shipping. And finally, you skip on participating in the global waste of cigarette buds, plastic wraps, etc.

12 Steps to Roll an Herbal Spliff

Time needed: 6 minutes.

Here is how you roll intentional herbal spliffs, masterfully every time.

  1. Gather Your Herbal Accessories

    You’ll need all your tools; Your intentional herbal blend, SUN in this case, Cannabis flower, rolling papers, an herb grinder, OCB hemp paper filters, and a joint or spliff roller (the secret weapon). Step 1 Gather your herbal tin with rolling papers, grinder and rolling box on a steel table.

  2. Grind Your Cannabis

    Place a three finger pinch of Cannabis into your herb grinder and twist until you are satisfied. Step 2 Open herbal tin with rolling papers, rolling box and grind your herb.

  3. Grind Your Herbal Blend

    Place a three finger pinch of your Herbal Blend into your herb grinder and twist until you are satisfied. Step 3 Hand holding grinder next to herbal tin with rolling papers and rolling box on steel table.

  4. Mix your Cannabis & Herbal Blend

    Mix your grounded herbs inside the joint roller tray.Step 4 Hand holding herbal roller with a mix of herbs and Cannabis next to herbal tin with rolling papers on steel table.

  5. Rolling Papers Please

    Remove a sheet of rolling paper and push your finger in the rolling ribbon of your spliff roller to create a recess. Step 5 Hand holding papers next to herbal tin with rolling box on steel table

  6. Position Your Rolling Paper

    While holding the ribbon in place, place the edge of the rolling paper to bottom of the recess with the sticky sealant at the top facing you.Step 6 Hand holding papers with rolling box on steel table

  7. Next, add your Filter.

    Add a filter to the left or right edge while holding the recess in place.Step 7 Hand holding filter for papers with rolling box on steel table.

  8. Pack It Up pack it in with Plant Goodness

    Add your Herbs Blend mixed with Cannabis to fill up the rest of the recess area.Step 8 Hand rolling herbs using a rolling box on a steel table.

  9. Now slow it down …

    Slooowly begin to close the joint roller at a controlled speed till you …. Step 12 Hand rolling herbs using rolling vintage box on steel table.

  10. STOP!

    You have to STOP halfway so you can give that sticky sealant a lick.Step 10 Two Hands rolling herbal blends using a vintage rolling box on steel table.

  11. Close the joint roller completely

    Close the roller completely and voilà, your spliff pops out from the top of your herbal spliff roller .Step 11 Hands closing rolling vintage box slowly with the herbal pre roll popping up.

  12. Double check your work

    Inspect your newly birthed herbal blend. Make sure the sealant is consistently adhered to the full length of the paper. Make your intention, light and enjoy.Step 12 Hands closing rolling vintage box that created an herbal preroll.

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Can You Really Smoke Chocolate … I mean Cacao?

Cacao can be used in an herbal bath, herbal smoking blend, tea and aromatherapy dry blend.

Who would have thought that every corner of a civilized modern metropolitan society, a Coffee Shop would exist offering Hot Chocolate .. that is because Cacao along with its cousin the Coffee bean, has been used by Meso-Americans for millenniums … before any Jesus Christ.

Before we can even truly discuss smoking Cacao, we must make clear the difference between Cacao and Cocoa.

Cacao, which is what we are talking about, is the purest form of chocolate you can consume, which means it is raw and much less processed than cocoa powder or chocolate bars.

Cacao is thought to be the highest source of antioxidants of all foods and the highest source of magnesium of all foods. It has been used throughout many cultures for years for health purposes and even used as a high trade commodity.

The smoking of Cacao is not new to modern commerce. It has been used as a cigarette addictive in the current tobacco industry.

Even though it is labeled as a “characterizing flavor” by the current tobacco industry, studies show that Cocoa plays a role in altering sensory perceptions. And the reason for this is the Anandamide, a endogenous cannabinoid whose Sanskrit inspired name means bliss or joy.

Yes, Cacao has CANNAbinoids … the same that CANNAbis has.

So back as to why smoke Cacao. Simliar to Cannabis, Cacao provides the same kind of cannabinoid of their own – anandamide – which binds to the same receptors as THC in the brain, and mimics the pleasant feelings that cannabinoids catalyze.

Endogenous cannabinoids, like anandamide, act as keys to a network of receptors within us and have the potential to unlock some impressive properties. They help our bodies regulate a number of functions ranging from appetite, sleep, mood regulation, neuro-protection, and immune function.

So just like tobacco has been snorted, aka Snuff / Rape, so is snorting cacao. Your nasal mucosa is very vascular and things are absorbed very readily through it.

Also explains the rise of Cacao ceremonies, especially by non-indigenous individuals.

Nevertheless, the Meso-Americans have been using Cacao bean and the Coffee bean along with Cannabis buds/leaves and tobacco leaves in many religious/spiritual ceremonies due to its potent spiritual and now medicinally proven properties.

So back to, can you smoke Chocolate? As long as its pure cacao.

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Plants for Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is more than just going to the Dentist

In this video, I speak about how dental hygiene keeps your head cavity free of bacteria and viruses. The openings in our heads, ear, eyes, nose and mouth is where bacteria and viruses enter. Other than cleaning your hands and avoid touching your face . there are also techniques like:

  • 👅 Tongue scraping
  • 🌿 DIY toothpaste and mouthwash with essential oils
  • 💨 Herbal Face Steams

The best antibacterial herbs to use are:

  • 🌿 eucalyptus 
  • 🌿 peppermint
  • 🌿 neem
  • 🌿 rosemary
  • 🌿 cloves (use sparingly, this one is 🌶)

All techniques and plants used by our indigenous ancestors in keeping a balance with the micro-organism kingdoms. 

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Plantain the Bug Bite Plant

Plantain can be used as an herbal smoking blend, for an herbal bath, tea and aromatherapy dry blend.

The best anti inflammatory & anti microbial “weeed” to soothe an itchy bug bite.

Plantain , no not Platano, is an herb (considered a weed) that is found all up/down the America’s … even Central Park. Recommend researching it to know how to identify it and choose the plant that is far from roads/parking lots.

In this video, I show how to use Plantain by simply chewing a piece of the leaf and applying the poultice to the bite to decrease the inflammation plus suck out any venom.

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Finding Medicine Everywhere

Different sizes of Spruces Image by Vivian Faith Prescott

The spruce tips of early spring

In this video, I speak about the spruce tips, bright green evergreen tips growing in the spring. Filled with very high levels of vitamin c, potassium and magnesium, you can simply eat it them or make a tea for coughs/respiratory issues. The spruce tree for the Hopi are medicine people that turned into trees, once again showing how beautiful the plants are here to take care of us.

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Manzanilla 🌼 Am Emotional Processor

Hand holding chamomile organic herbal smokable herb

Chamomile (manzanilla) is here to help us process emotions so we can navigate life safely.

There are currently so many reason to have our emotions tied in knots. And emotions are processed by our stomach. So in this video, I speak about how babies to adults, chamomile has helped during times of great transitioning.

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Skullcap 🌿 The stop-stressing plant

Hand holding skullcap organic herbal smokable herb

2020 is forever the year everything changes and the hardest part is we don’t know what’s gonna happen next.

If you’re like me, you might be overthinking all the possibilities and this can cause serious burnout in our bodies.

In this video, I speak about Skullcap, a plants that helps decrease the physical repercussions of stressing out. We need daily mental resets to be able navigate these dense & transitional times and the plants are here to take care of us.

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Queen Ann’s Lace 🌿 Nature’s Contraceptive

Queen Anns Lace Wild Carrot Seed Natural Birth Control Contraceptive

With the overload of pharmaceutical products, it’s nice to learn about natural contraceptives like Queen Ann’s Lace aka Wild Carrot Seed

In this video, I speak about a great herbalist Robin Rose Bennet, who did a study that shows the effectiveness of Daucus carota, Wild Carrot Seed, a natural contraceptive that has been used for more than 2000 years.. The results were 9 out of the 160 women became pregnant.

For me personally, I see it helps keep the wall of the uterus slippery so an egg can not implant itself. This method of birth control has been the most effective for me but nevertheless I do recommend doing your own studies and highly listening to your own body.

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Cannabis is Legal in NY… Now What?

Is Cannabis Weed Marijuana legal in NY Brooklyn Queens Bronx?

New York becomes the 15th state to legalize Cannabis with the NEW Cannabis Legalization Bill – the 2021 MRTA

Across the country, individuals who are Black are nearly four times more likely than individuals who are White to be arrested for marijuana possession, “despite data showing equal use among races”. Growing up in NYC, there is no doubt Cannabis prohibition has resulted in disproportionate criminalization of POC people. Finally, the department of health for NY published an impact report that further elaborates the impact Cannabis has had on race.

In a recent zoom conference by Cornell University and the NY Department of Agricultural, they tried to breakdown the upcoming rules/laws regarding Hemp and now Cannabis. Feel free to watch the videos for yourself in the here, but to save you time, here are the top three things I took away were:

  • They (the government) is still trying to figure out how to control Mother Nature. THC is a compound found in variations in the Cannabis plant. Delta 9 is the compound that is currently being regulated to say if a plant is illegal or not. But now, they recently “discovered” 30+ more THC compounds that will regulated the legality
  • NYC District Attorney offices will stop prosecuting low level offenses and automatically expunged  “some” charges but you still have to pay any of the guilty fines. Find more info here.
  • The newly and still being created OCM (Office of Cannabis Managment) needs its own sitcom on Comedy Central, not kidding.

The ink is yet to be dry on “rules” that are yet to be written. As of 2Q21 in NY You Can:

  • Smoke, Vape, Eat Cannabis if you are over 21
  • Legally smoke in places that tobacco smoke is allowed, for example side walks, streets, roofs, parked cars
  • Carry up to 3 oz. of flower

But you Can Not:

  • Smoke and Drive
  • Smoke in Public Housing areas
  • Grow the Cannabis plant until 18 months after recreational adult use is in place at dispensaries

How about Medical MJ?

The good news is you can now receive a Medical MJ card for anxiety and insomnia and the even better news is that flower will be available by the summer.

How about Businesses?

For business in NY you can not Sell or Buy Hemp or Cannabis unless you have any of at the following licenses that will be in effect in 2023:

  • Processor
  • Manufacturer
  • Retail

By 2022, this will directly affect retail stores from boutiques to gas stations as well as current Hemp growers and Hemp product makers. Nevertheless, The Office of Cannabis management, who say they have a commitment to social justice, are promising:

  • 50% of licenses to Women and POC businesses
  • Taxes collected from the sale of Cannabis to be redirected toward schools, drug treatment initiatives, and community organizations in areas adversely affected by drug enforcement.

In Conclusion

The conclusion is that there still is no conclusion. The rules are still being written, changing and reinterperted … more to come. But the following video sums up my emotions:

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Rose of Jericho, the Resurrection plant

New Moon Manifestation Intention Ritual with Rose of Jeriicho

Plant magic + New Moon = Powerful Intentions

Every month you have a chance to work with New Moon energy, a perfect time to use ALL your tools to set intentions. A plant I love to use in my new moon rituals is Rose of Jericho, it literally “resurrects” when u give it water. Energetically perfect for setting seeds of intention, additionally you can use candles and crystals to amplify your intention. A great book to read to understand how to “work with magic” is Psychomagic by Alejandro Jodorowsky 🧠 It shows how we truly create our own reality and with help from all the elements around us, celestial to earthly, we can really shift our mindset in manifesting what we want.

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Oregano 🌿 Keeps the Boogie Monsters Away

Herbal Medicinal Tea Oregano for Runny Nose

With its anti-bacterial, anti-viral & anti-inflammatory benefits, Oregano can be used for more than just pizza.

This herb grew abundantly in my parents backyard . And it’s been helping me & my family blast thru soar throats, stuffy nose & straight up anxiety. As an all day tea and even in my epson salt filled bath, this herb is warming up my core as well as allowing the boogies to melt away. Remember to get extra rest and hydration, especially during solar flare ups & eclipse seasons.

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Yerba Buena & How Plants Speak to Us🍃

Hand holding spearmint organic herbal smokable herb

Que viva la Yerba Buena. A plant that has been used by many Central, South and Caribbean grandmothers.

Not only is it amazing expectorant, it is also a great digestive- no wonder it was called “The Good Herb”.

During this global pandemic, the research I did directed me to use Spearmint, on a daily. Only to find her in my parents backyard growing wild, confirming my intuition to use her. It is said by abuelas that plants will show up/follow us when we need them. Grateful for plant intelligence

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Cleansing your Home with Herbs 🌿

Saging medicinal smokes to cleanse airborne diseasex

If your feeling cabin fever ❄️ cleansing (aka smudging/saging) your home with herbs is a great way to clean and clear the air.

Clinical studies have already proven plants like:
🌿 Sage
🌿 Palo Santo
🌿 Cedar
🌿 Pine
Disinfect 94% of airborne bacteria. And in a time that we are all home due to the weather and COVID, its good to refresh the air.

In this video, I share my home herbal cleansing techniques, taught to me by elders, abuellas and many moon sisters. It’s a great time to align cleansing your home with the new moon in Aquarius since it is also the New Chinese Lunar Year of the Ox.

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Listen to the Signs, 2021 Spring Update

Hand holding oregano over a triangle wood bowl

If there is one thing 2020 has taught me, is to listen to the signs.

2021 still feels like 2020 has not ended. In surfing all the changes, the recent PACT act that just passed in Congress will directly affect our product offering. Postal services have agreed to stop shipping any vape or tobacco products. Even though all our products are multi use and we don’t sell any products with Tobacco,  we will stop offering the following products:



Smoking with Intention

Our intention has always been to bring plants to people. In this journey, we can not deny that plants have been used by our ancestors in a multitude of ways from tea, to baths to smoke and most recently, thanks to technology, vaporized. 

But when plants get packaged into any of the above techniques of teabags, vape liquids, prerolls, the consumer is disconnected from the plant. 

I personally did not want to offer a Preroll product because it meant the herbal blend would only be used to smoke and miss out on using the blend as a tea, bath or even vape. I also did and don’t want to be a “cigarette company.”

Now, all the messages are clear and pointing at only offering our Loose Leaf Blends since all postal services will cease to deliver tobacco or vaping products.

Everything Happens for a Reason

We hope you can understand our stand on plant medicine as well as our decision to stop offering tobacco or vape products. The recent PACT act only reinforces to us, and hopefully to you, that the aim of DroppingSeeds is to create a relationship between your vibration and the plant. 

And no matter how you choose to create that vibration, be it SIP, SOAK, VAPE, or SMOKE, that our blends can serve you on your journey during such transitional times in human kinds history.

As An Alternative …

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2021 Update

Love spray paint art

The only thing constant in life is change and 2020 is a perfect example. 

Believe it or not we are days away from entering the 2nd month of 2021 even though it feels like 2020 never ended. 

The amount of challenges 2020 bought to everyone has been unimaginable. From pandemic to political unrest, life has completely changed and DroppingSeeds was not immune to all the change. 

Downsize, Optimize and Streamline

If there was anything I learned from Sept 11 in 2001 and the Great Recession in 2008 is to “pack light.” The challenges back then barely compare to today but when the sh!t hits the fan, you need to prioritize what’s important. 

We are still years away from fully seeing the ripple effect the global COVID lockdown will have on humanity. But immediately we saw all supply chains either sloooow down or completely break (toilet paper anyone). For us, that meant a shortage of packaging material like tins, preroll tubes and herbs. 

Never mind the constant state of fear and panic (that we all are still in), 2020 made us all stay inside. We miss all the markets and events that allowed us to connect to our customers. We also miss all the boutiques and bars carrying our products that are trying there best to stay open and navigate social distancing. 

In packing light, we decided to stop offering the 28G Herbal Tins and put a pause on elixirs and prerolls. We are only offering our most loved 10G Herbal Tins along with tea balls, rolling papers, rolling box and muslin bag accessories

Please Please Mr Postman. Why’s it takin’ such a long time?

Another victim of 2020 is the postal service… globally. Not only did these lockdowns create an explosion to online shopping (e-commerce grew in 3 months what it was projected to grow in 10 years). But also the postal service, being one of the most important essential jobs to keep the economy going, were not ready or equipped to deal with the COVID outbreaks in there workforce. All in all this compounded an already taxed global situation. 

Diamonds Nothing is forever

After 12 years of being “crazy in love” and co-creating two beautiful children and numerous successful projects including DroppingSeeds, we decided to start a new & different chapter. 

SirRoan has moved on to building and running We Are Earth (WAE), a multi faceted operation featuring high yield vertical farms in collaboration with GROWBOX™. We both continue to co-parent our growing children while entering our second year in homeschooling them. And DroppingSeeds became a one womxn show who’s herbal operation is currently in transition to the Hudson Valley. 

Surfing the Chaos

2001, 2008 and 2020 has literally felt like a sunami came and destroyed everything I knew at the time. But similar to being in the ocean, when a wave crashes on you, if you resist, the wave will drag you down. If you surrender, you float to the top and if your lucky, you bodysurf to the shore. 

After the sunami receded for me in 2001 and 2008, there were many treasures that it left behind. In 2001 I launched my graphic design business and in 2008 I travel the world. Am very much looking forward to the treasures 2020 will leave behind. 

So Whats Next?

We will continue a focus on producing the 10G Herbal Blends for online and wholesale. Once we fully transition the Herbal Studio operation to the Hudson Valley, we will re-focus on the Herbal Preroll and Herbal Elixirs. We will try our best to keep ahead of the delays in packaging material/herbs as well as the delays in postal services.

Stay safe & stay in love, as well as patient.  2021 and the years to come will be “messy” globally. And rather than focusing on the “collapse”, let’s start focusing on the rebuilding. Much much More to come 🙌🏾