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Sweet Chamomile

Smoking Chamomile

When me, my partner and 1 yr old son went to  Peru to study plants, Chamomile really spoke to us.

Not only did it re-stabilize us with the altitude of the Sacred Valley, it also was our “little helper” in keeping our digestion “moving along” while my partner and I went thru a deep process called Dieta.

Our amazing host, Alonso Del Rio introduced us to all the plants of his land. The experience to be able to choose a plant, ask its permission to be used, pick it and commune with it really bought to light the intelligence that the plant kingdom has.

As a smoke or tea, Chamomile is an all over mood brightener by energetically helping us process emotions. (View our Chamomile IGTV) Just like its visual composition that mimics the sun, it is pretty much the base of the herbal blend SUN.

The Egyptians dedicated chamomile to their sun gods. It was associated with the god Ra for its healing powers. When the body of King Ramesses II was displayed in Paris, findings show the body and abdominal cavity of the king had been anointed with chamomile oil. The Romans also dedicated chamomile to their gods.

Chamomile was also used by India’s ancient Ayurvedic physicians. It was taken to the Americas by the Pilgrim giving it the label of herb ‘alles zutraut’, meaning ‘capable of anything.’

There are currently so many reason to have our emotions tied in knots. And emotions are processed by our stomach. So in this video, I speak about how babies to adults, chamomile has helped during times of great transitioning.


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