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State of our World Update

Three POC hands for racial justice

“The first revolution is when you change your mind” – Gil Scott-Heron

We are in truly transformative times. Even as the coronavirus has killed 24K and with more than 380K testing positive in NY State, we New Yorkers still gather together to #DefendBlackLives. This conversation is 500 years coming. Accountability is knocking at the door of every institution and individual person from the media, park statues, legislation, individual statements etc. We all must ask Does #BlackLivesMatter to me?

How Does Black Lives Matter?

It is a real conversation that needs to be have NOW with our friends, our family and ourselves individually. Some people are just waking up to this conversation and many others have dealt with this conversation for generations. 

Where do you start? 

We all are on different points of this medicine wheel called life. We highly recommend the following Racial Equity Resources page gathered by our friends at Minka Brooklyn. From taking a Harvard University Implicit Bias test to listening to podcast on Structural Racism and White Privilege. In understanding the concepts and words towards Racial Equity, we can change not only our individual mindset, inspire our friends/family but also shift the structural legislation towards true social justice.

Global Supply Chain

In addition to the delays due to Covid, protest worldwide for racial equity have affected all global supply chains including world wide delays in shipping. We are still prioritizing 10G Herbal Tins. The 28G Tins, Prerolls & Elixirs will be available in smaller batches at a limited time closer to the Fall. Join our mailing list to be informed of back in stock products.  

During this time to process stress as well as symptoms to cold/flu symptoms we recommend the following:


Can help with:
  • Anxiety … too much TV/Screen/Info Headaches (Recommended Blends: CALM & CENTER)
  • Tension in the Neck & Shoulders due to overthinking (CALM & CENTER)
  • Nasal and Chest Congestion or Soar Throat (if highly congested, recommended to be done 3x a day) (CALM, REVIVE & CENTER)
  • Daily disinfection of the Nasal and Throat cavities (highly recommended for “essential workers” who can’t work from home, to do daily) (CALM, REVIVE & CENTER)
  • Additional, HIGHLY recommended herbs for face steams: Thyme & Rosemary



Keep your core warm to keep any virus from building up in your body. It will also calm your nervous system that is on overdrive with so much stimulation.

  • Any mint plant is highly recommended (Mint, Spearmint, Catnip, Skullcap, Lavender, Damiana). (CALM, REVIVE & CENTER)
  • To move mucus, recommend Marshmallow (PEACE)
  • Additionally recommend making tea out of 1-2 Garlic cloves with Ginger for congestion or Thyme for that icky feeling.
  • If your body is processing a virus, 2-3 Qts of tea recommended a day


Keep your body hydrated with mineralized water by making herbal lemonade or just drinking room temperature tea. Water is our first medicine!


The biggest illusion in modern time is separation and as the world transform, we can not transform alone. Offering FREE 15 Min. Herbal Consultations via phone for those in need of guidance with what plants/techniques to use.

Contact us for a FREE HERBAL CONSULTATION if you need herbal support.

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