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2021 Update

Love spray paint art

The only thing constant in life is change and 2020 is a perfect example. 

Believe it or not we are days away from entering the 2nd month of 2021 even though it feels like 2020 never ended. 

The amount of challenges 2020 bought to everyone has been unimaginable. From pandemic to political unrest, life has completely changed and DroppingSeeds was not immune to all the change. 

Downsize, Optimize and Streamline

If there was anything I learned from Sept 11 in 2001 and the Great Recession in 2008 is to “pack light.” The challenges back then barely compare to today but when the sh!t hits the fan, you need to prioritize what’s important. 

We are still years away from fully seeing the ripple effect the global COVID lockdown will have on humanity. But immediately we saw all supply chains either sloooow down or completely break (toilet paper anyone). For us, that meant a shortage of packaging material like tins, preroll tubes and herbs. 

Never mind the constant state of fear and panic (that we all are still in), 2020 made us all stay inside. We miss all the markets and events that allowed us to connect to our customers. We also miss all the boutiques and bars carrying our products that are trying there best to stay open and navigate social distancing. 

In packing light, we decided to stop offering the 28G Herbal Tins and put a pause on elixirs and prerolls. We are only offering our most loved 10G Herbal Tins along with tea balls, rolling papers, rolling box and muslin bag accessories

Please Please Mr Postman. Why’s it takin’ such a long time?

Another victim of 2020 is the postal service… globally. Not only did these lockdowns create an explosion to online shopping (e-commerce grew in 3 months what it was projected to grow in 10 years). But also the postal service, being one of the most important essential jobs to keep the economy going, were not ready or equipped to deal with the COVID outbreaks in there workforce. All in all this compounded an already taxed global situation. 

Diamonds Nothing is forever

After 12 years of being “crazy in love” and co-creating two beautiful children and numerous successful projects including DroppingSeeds, we decided to start a new & different chapter. 

SirRoan has moved on to building and running We Are Earth (WAE), a multi faceted operation featuring high yield vertical farms in collaboration with GROWBOX™. We both continue to co-parent our growing children while entering our second year in homeschooling them. And DroppingSeeds became a one womxn show who’s herbal operation is currently in transition to the Hudson Valley. 

Surfing the Chaos

2001, 2008 and 2020 has literally felt like a sunami came and destroyed everything I knew at the time. But similar to being in the ocean, when a wave crashes on you, if you resist, the wave will drag you down. If you surrender, you float to the top and if your lucky, you bodysurf to the shore. 

After the sunami receded for me in 2001 and 2008, there were many treasures that it left behind. In 2001 I launched my graphic design business and in 2008 I travel the world. Am very much looking forward to the treasures 2020 will leave behind. 

So Whats Next?

We will continue a focus on producing the 10G Herbal Blends for online and wholesale. Once we fully transition the Herbal Studio operation to the Hudson Valley, we will re-focus on the Herbal Preroll and Herbal Elixirs. We will try our best to keep ahead of the delays in packaging material/herbs as well as the delays in postal services.

Stay safe & stay in love, as well as patient.  2021 and the years to come will be “messy” globally. And rather than focusing on the “collapse”, let’s start focusing on the rebuilding. Much much More to come 🙌🏾

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